Call for Beta Readers!

So the time has FINALLY come for me to start finding beta readers for my novel! I am both excited and nervous about this because the first draft is TERRIBLE, but I’m at the point where I need feedback to move forward with making the novel. So that is where YOU can help! Yes, you reading this can help me make my novel better! How? By applying to be one of my beta readers! Fill out the Jotform linked here and answer the questions! It is that simple!

But here are a few things you should know before applying-

1. I’m looking for constructive feedback on character, plot, consistency, etc. It’s a first draft, so there will be errors in grammar, possibly spelling (though I try to always catch those), and formatting… I am not interested in feedback on those right now. Since I am working on making the novel better, there is a chance that line or section with the error might get cut, so why fix it? As I go along in the editing process, I will be using for feedback on that, but not on this first go.
2. Though I ask if you’ve beta read for anybody in the form, lack of prior beta reading experience won’t be held against you. Up until recently I didn’t even know beta reading was a thing! So if you have no prior experience with it, I encourage you to still apply because I won’t hold it against you if you don’t.
3. I can’t/won’t pay anyone to read for me. I am a firm believer that novel reading should be done for the pleasure of it, not for monetary gain. So if you’re willing to do it because you love to read and give feedback or you’re curious about my novel, great. If you’re looking to make money, then this isn’t the right opportunity for you because there is none!
4. I am looking for 2-4 beta readers for this first round. In the future it might be more or less. I already have 1 absolutely confirmed beta reader (my mentor who offered ages ago and whose feedback I have always found beneficial), so that’s why I’m only looking for 2-4 more. I think 3-5 people reading a piece is a good amount and that too many more might get overwhelming (at least for the first draft).
5. You will have the option of being emailed the entire novel in one or on a chapter-by-chapter basis. Just let me know your preference if you’re chosen!

Now for the novel itself! The title is The Death Club (inspired by the song Death Club by William Control). This novel is a mixture of The Southern Vampire Mysteries (also known as The True Blood Series) by Charlaine Harris, The Night World Series by L.J. Smith, and The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward but with very different storylines, character backgrounds, etc. So at it’s core it’s a vampire romance novel, but with substance (or at least I hope there is substance to it). I am a huge fan of (most) vampire novels, so I knew one day I would find myself writing one! I won’t go into much more detail than that to avoid the potential for spoilers, but I’m really hoping that once it’s completed, it’s good enough to one day be ranked up amongst the series I’ve mentioned above, all of which I’ve read, loved, and owned (I’m beginning to run out of shelf space for my Black Dagger Brotherhood books).

So if you are interested in becoming one of my beta readers, please fill out the Jotform below. You will have until 11:59pm on Saturday, February 6th to apply. I will look over everyone’s forms on Sunday, February 7th and email the chosen ones either that night or the next day, Monday the 8th.

Even if you don’t apply, thank you for reading this and the continuous support you show this blog. It means a lot to me! I hope everyone has a great weekend!



    • Hi! So I emailed you back when the first round was going on and never heard anything back. I’m currently on the second round with 6 beta readers for it. I still have a third round to go before the year is over, so keep an eye out for that post is the coming future and let me know you’d be interested in being one 🙂

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