New Thing I Tried In October: Making Waffles

So up until about a year and a half ago, I didn’t know how to cook anything except scramble eggs and I knew how to make a really good tuna fish sandwich! Besides that, cooking was a foreign thing to me. Admittedly, I was spoiled in the sense that my mother never made me learn to cook or never made me cook anything. I think that was partially due to her and my dad not wanting food poisoning. That might also have to do with the time I broiled her chocolate chip cookies at Christmas… but we’ll keep that story in the vault! The point is, when I moved to Florida, I was kind of screwed in the cooking department. To make things more interesting, my then boyfriend, now fiancée , didn’t know how to cook either, so we had the opportunity to learn together! We’ve had a few mishaps along the way (the burnt first attempt at a burger, the pesto noodle soup, etc), but overall we’ve both gotten a lot better. Though back in July I had a mishap with baking, I had success with it on my second attempt! I haven’t baked since (but that will change soon).

This next part is relevant, I promise! But for anyone who knows me, I love the color black, I love skulls, and I love Halloween. So when my friend Meghan posted this adorable black mini waffle maker that makes skull shaped waffles on her Facebook, I wanted to buy one. So I did and I remember my fiancée telling me I had to actually use it otherwise it would be a waste of money. So I told him I would… and the other day I did!

It was actually really simple to use. All I had to do was clean it, then plug it in, and wait for it to get hot. With the waffle mix, all I had to do was follow the directions on the box (which were a lot clearer than my mom’s baking instructions) and I had waffle mix! So then all I had to do was put some waffle mix in the maker, close the lid, and wait.

And here are the skull shaped waffles! Now before anyone says they look like pancakes, I know they do. The waffle part is on the back, but I didn’t photograph it for two reasons- 1: We all know what a waffle looks like and 2: I was very hungry by the time I made them all and just wanted to eat them!

I was honestly surprised by how easy it was and best part is, there was so no sacrificial waffle! They all came out perfectly, all were eaten, and they were delicious!

So there’s my new thing for the month! Have you ever tried to make your own waffles? Or do you purchase the frozen ones? Honestly, I love me a good Eggo waffle, but I this is a bit more cost efficient. The amount of dry mix we still have in the box we bought will make us so many more waffles than we could ever get from buying frozen waffles! So though this was a bit more time consuming, I definitely force myself doing this more in the often. Now if only we could the pancakes right…

I hope everyone has a good week!



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