Editing Services

My goal as an editor is to help you, the writer, make your work as strong as possible through thoughtful and constructive feedback. My commitment to you is quality and professional editing at an affordable price.

Committed to editing, writing, and reading. I assure quality and professionalism in everything I do.

Service A: Editing

Starting at .01 per word, I will edit your novel, blog post, or other piece. There will be no extra charge for any editing services such as feedback, grammar check, etc. First time clients will receive their first 500 words edited free of charge. The amount will be deducted from your overall payment (which be reflected in your invoice).

I reserve the right to do a rush charge in the event that a project is needed on a rushed deadline (this will be discussed in greater detail before the contract signing). Before I begin work on your piece, a contract will be sent and signed by both parties as a form of protection for both parties in the event that the contract is breached or broken by either party. I will ask that you pay half up to show that you are willing to pay for my service. However, if you break our contract, I will expect to be compensated for the work done. (I.e. Say your full payment amount was 700, your deposit would be 350. So if I do 500 dollars worth of work, I will expect to be paid the 150 I’m owed).

Service B: Writing

I am also a writer who is comfortable writing for different niches. Upon request, I can provide examples of articles I’ve written in specific niches, such as law, chiropractic care, health and wellness, and more.

Rates will vary depending on the project length and type. My rates for article writing versus ghostwriting will be very different, so any questions about my writing rates should be sent to my email michellesaulthewordwitch@yahoo.com


Below you will find a copy of my writing resume. This shows my professional, academic, and personal writing experiences. If you have any questions, email them to michellesaulthewordwitch@yahoo.com

Michelle Saul was the editor for my newest novel Evil Lives After: The Investigative ParanormalSociety, Book 3, and she did an excellent job. Not only did she tend to the details of writing witha discerning eye, but also she asked deeply intelligent and challenging questions about the direction and content of the novel. Her observations were insightful, and she helped me to create what I think is my best novel. All writers need editors. I recommend Michelle Saul completely. If you are writing fiction or non-fiction, she can help you. Michelle is currently editing the revised version of my nonfiction book: French On English: A Guide To Writing Better Essays.
Please do yourself a favor, and consider Michelle Saul to be your editor!

Charles F. French

Michelle is an impeccable writer. But as an editor, she goes beyond impeccable. She is very detail-oriented and is about content quality. Therefore, she will go above and beyond to ensure that the content at hand is at its highest level. Regardless of the theme or genre, Michelle will ensure that content entrusted to her goes beyond your expectations.

Natalia S.F.