Another Big Accomplishment!

Back in May of 2022, I applied for a Script Writer position for a YouTube channel called Psych2Go. They liked me and gave me the opportunity to write a script for them! The script, after several rounds of editing and reformatting, was finally finished in August. I was paid for the script… and then nothing. I never heard anything more from them about the next script I had pitched to them. I emailed the person I was in contact with over a month ago inquiring about the original script and if they had any interest in my other one, and no reply ever came.

So at this point, I’m thinking I got paid for something they don’t intend on using. And yes, getting paid for your writing is nice and all, but having that work actually out in the world for people to consume, that’s the real goal of writing (well at least for me it is).

Well earlier today I was on YouTube, scrolling through my subscriptions and there it was- My script turned into a video! Though the original introduction was cut out, it’s basically exactly as I wrote it. I couldn’t believe it! I watched and read through the comments, amazed at just how many people needed this kind of video. Reading those comments really made me feel like my writing was finally impacting people the way I’ve always wanted/hoped it would.

I’ve shared this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, and now I’m sharing it on here! I am super proud of this script and I’m hoping if this video does well, they will decide to let me write the other scripts we had talked about (and more).

So I hope you enjoy this video. I hope you find it helpful during those times when you’re experiencing creative burnout. And if you feel so inclined to, please watch, like, and share this video!

I hope everyone has a great week!



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