2022 Goals: 9 Month Update

In the last 3 months, I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress on my goals. I’m feeling better than I have in awhile and I feel like things are finally moving in the right/positive direction I’ve been longing for. I feel like I will be able to end this year on a good note and will be able to start off 2023 strong.

But we still have three months left of this year and the future holds many unknowns. So for now, I will focus on the wins I’ve had and try not to think too far ahead. With that being said, here is my 9 month update on my 2022 goals!

  1. Find a job that makes me happy.
    I am very proud and happy to say that I have found a job that not only makes me happy, but I’m making the best money I ever have at it, which makes me feel more financially secure and stable than I’ve felt in the last 4 months.

    I am working as the Arts & Leisure assistant at a retirement community. Basically, this job combines all my skills (writing, organization, typing, multi-tasking to name a few) while helping me work on skills that I need to improve (such as my people, phone, and advertising skills to name a few). I have an awesome boss and the residents in our community are very pleasant and easy-going. And I feel like the work I do here matters, it gives me a sense of purpose I’ve never really felt at any previous job. So overall, I hope to be in this position for a long time.

    So what does this mean for my freelancing? With my new position being full-time and five days a week, I have stopped freelancing for the time being. I don’t want to work 7 days a week. I don’t want to burn myself out or work myself into the ground. So with the freelancing on hold for now, I will be able to devote more time to my blog and (hopefully) make progress on my novel, which has been on my to-do list FOREVER! So that’s the update on my freelancing.
  2. Have a more minimalist lifestyle.
    In the past 3 months, I have sold 13 items that have gone on to better homes. I have used up 48 items and decluttered 34 items. I purchased 137 new items. I know this seems like a lot, and it is, but most were replacements for products I used up or clothing for my new job as I didn’t have any professional/appropriate clothes for it. The numbers for decluttered/sold/used up items don’t outweigh the number of new items accumulated. But as I mentioned, most of them were replacements and clothing I needed for my new job, so it makes sense. Also, I am almost done going through my storage unit and have not taken the time to count everything I decluttered from there. I’m saving that number for the 12 month update post (also the last goals post for 2022).
  3. Write everyday.
    Over the past 3 months, I’ve written more than I have in the previous six months. I’m feeling very happy about the turn around I’ve had in my writing. I’ve realized that my mental health and my writing are often attached to each other, so now that my mental health is on the upswing, my writing is (thankfully) following along!
  4. Put myself first more often.
    I feel like I’m doing better with this one. I’m putting more focus into what makes me happy and less focus into what doesn’t make me happy. I’ve been meditating bat least 2-4 times a week, which has made a huge difference in the way I approach certain people and situations. I’ve also developed a very loss morning and evening routine, which has helped tremendously. I’m not perfect when it comes to this goal, but I can see and feel the progress, and that’s all I can ask for!

    So with only 3 months left of this year, I feel like my goals are finally going in a strong and positive direction. How are you faring with your 2022 goals? I would love to know! I hope everyone has a great week!


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