Bookstore Review: Sandman Books

This weeks blog post was originally going to be a book review, but on Wednesday, August 3rd (which was also my 31st birthday), I went to an amazing bookstore and the need to share it with all of you was very strong!

The bookstore is called Sandman Books, and it is Punta Gorda, FL. This bookstore is about a 45 minute to an hour drive from where I currently live, and it was well worth the drive!

Upon stepping inside, the first thing you notice are the two amazing arches that are made from real books (and for some reason, I only got a picture of one of them… oops). I didn’t ask how they did it, but it’s definitely one of the coolest things I have seen in any bookstore

Another awesome aspect of this bookstore is that it has a cat living in it! The cat’s name is Kitty-Wan Kenobi (great name) and he is fourteen and very sweet. He let me pet him and I fell in love (but I’m a cat lover, so I fall in love with every cat I meet).

They have a rare book room that is still a work in progress, but it is filled with rare old books. The A Farewell To Arms book pictured is not in this room, but it is one example of some of the old and rare books they have. They also have a display case filled with rare books. My favorite feature of this rooms the tribute to Newt Scamander near the window! I especially love the Niffler sitting in the chair!

I also love the quirky and interesting decor around this bookstore. The gothic archway, the trunks on top of bookshelves, and the suspended book bridge all make for visually interesting pieces while shopping. I also love all the place you can sit and read a book! The table and the book stool/bench being two of my favorite.

I also love all the posters and artwork on the walls and shelves. Every bookshelf has a piece of art on the end of it and they mostly coincide with the genre on the shelves.

Lastly, in one corner of the store they have Warhammer 40k miniatures, paints, and books. The main reason I’m adding this part in is because my dad loves Warhammer 40k and he complains that it doesn’t seem like they really sell Warhammer miniatures in Florida. Well dad, I found a place that does, so now you have no excuse not to move here! (I’m kidding, but not kidding about that).

They also have some beautiful photography for sale from a local photographer. I didn’t take any photos of them, but I will link his Facebook page here so you can check out his photography for yourself.

When you get to counter, they have a bell that you can ring if no one is there. What I love about this is that there’s a sign letting you know it’s OK to ring the bell. For someone who suffers from social anxiety and hates disrupting someone while they’re working, this sign made me feel a lot better!

Honestly, I can’t wait for my next visit to this bookstore. The young woman behind the counter was so friendly. We talked about television shows based off books we’ve read and what they did right/wrong. She was so sweet and just made my experience at the bookstore even better.

So if you are ever in the Punta Gorda, FL area, Sandman Books is a must visit. Even if you’re not in the area, but somewhere in Florida, you need to visit tis bookstore. I mean it, YOU NEED TO VISIT THIS BOOKSTORE!

What’s the best bookstore you’ve ever been in? I would love to know! I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!



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