Setting Up My 2022 Planner

I have often credited planners with my ability to stay organized and on top of things… when I have the time/energy to put it to use! I absolutely loved my 2021 planner, which I bought from a small business called Con*Quest Journals (my review of them can be found here). So it should be no surprise that I purchased my 2022 planner from them. The planner’s theme is Time is of the Essence and I think we can all agree time is something we often find ourselves wishing we had more of!

Full transparency- I didn’t utilize my 2021 planner as well as I could have. I left a lot of space empty and unused because I had no idea what to do with it. So before starting this year’s planner, I searched around online (mainly on Pinterest) for some planner inspiration. And I think that the planner system I’ve come up with is really fun, functional, and is going to help keep me on track with the things I want to accomplish!

My color code hasn’t changed from last year. I kept it exactly the same so I don’t confuse myself. The one thing I definitely changed was my to-do list area and I’ve given the 2022 planner a makeover that the 2021 planner could have used (but I didn’t think of it back then). Looking back on it, the colored in section was too much and I cringe when I think about it now!

So the first page I utilized this year is the 2022 Goals page. I only had four goals this year, so luckily they all fit! This page is straight forward, so I don’t really have much to say about it.

My 2021 planner had a page similar to this one. I remember adding some inspirational quotes and stickers… and then I never bothered to look at the page again! So when I first purchased this planner and saw this page, I had no clue what to do with it. Last year I didn’t have a spot to put my books to read list, so when I saw the books on this page, the lightbulb in my brain went off and that’s how the page before you became what it is now. I refer back to this quite a bit, especially if I’m having reader’s block (which is a very real thing) and sometimes I add new stickers to the inspiration section (as I call it). In my opinion, this is a well utilized page.

So this was a page that I attempted to use last year, and failed miserably at doing. Last year the section where I put my projects for the month used to have Important Dates over it. That section was hard to use because I never really knew what dates would be important (besides birthdays), and putting dates out of order would have driven me nuts! So this year I decided the page as a mixture of monthly motivation, bigger projects or goals I wanted to tackle, and keeping track of all the products I wanted to use up in that month. This is one of my most used pages because of all the referencing I do throughout the month. I feel like I’ve found a good use for this page that went virtually unused last year!

The overall calendar pages have always been pages I’ve struggled to find a good use for. Every year I buy a wall calendar and then it just hangs on my wall and barely gets used. I really stop purchasing them because they’re turning out to be a waste of money and wall space! Last year these pages didn’t get used at all, so this year I decided to make a conscious effort to use them. So with one of my goals being that I want to write everyday (which I clearly failed to do in January), I decided to use this page as a way to keep track of what days I did and didn’t write using stickers! Remember when we were kids and if we did well on something we got a sticker? Yeah, I’m basically reliving my childhood every time I get to put a sticker on this calendar (and yes I get the giddy feeling to go with it). So I am very happy that I found a way to utilize these pages in a way that is fun and creative for me.

Gone are the days of highlighting the entire to-do list and now are the days of using stickers for my to-do lists! This isn’t one of my more creative setups (sometimes I get a little fancier), but it’s neat, functional, and pleasant to look at. The only section I still haven’t found a use for is where the book stack box is. I was thinking maybe I could try using that for weekly reading goals, but I don’t know. Let me know if you think that would be a good idea!

The side section is now where I keep track of doing my daily follows on Twitter and making sure I take my meds and vitamins on a daily basis. I used to have daily blog follows on there, but I haven’t done that in awhile, so I dropped it off (but maybe I should add it again soon). I always try to leave Saturdays open for either relaxation or as my day to catch up on things. I’ve recently fallen behind on some goals and tasks, so I wanted to take today to make progress on them. I took this picture yesterday, so that’s why my daily Twitter and meds/vitamins aren’t crossed off in the photo.

This is another page that I attempted to use last year and failed at doing so. So to play off the first page, I figured I’d used this page as a monthly roundup. The top section is my monthly overview of my highs and lows. The things crossed out are a little too personal to share, which is why I blacked them out when editing this photo. This is also where I keep track of the books I read for the month, the products I used up, and any of my monthly projects I completed.

The bottom section is to keep track of my Twitter growth, blog growth, the days I’ve written, and my savings growth (which is blacked out for obvious reasons). I do this as a way to keep myself accountable and see the areas where I need to improve for the next month. As you can see February was a great month for my Twitter growth and the days I wrote. However, my blog growth wasn’t as good as it could have been and I know that’s from my lack of posts and engagement. So this section is incredibly helpful for the month and the following month where I can make comparisons.

So there you have it. This is how I’ve set up my planner for 2022! Would you agree it’s a better set up than 2021? Are there any changes you might suggest for utilizing it better? Or do you think what I have is good? Let me know your thoughts! I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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