Book Review: Spirit Babies

Disclaimer: I know this book will not be for everyone. The title alone has made a few of my friends look at me like I’ve lost my mind, and I’m sure the title alone will make some other people think the same way. However, what I’ve gained from this book on an emotional level is more than enough for me to want to share my review of it with others. Also, I never truly know who is reading my blog, so there could be someone else out there who is also struggling the way I am and maybe needs another source of encouragement/inspiration like I do. So if this doesn’t seem like a book for you, then you can skip this book review. I promise not to be offended, but I do hope you’ll consider coming back for future book reviews and other blogs posts!

Before I launch into my review, I want to give a quick backstory/some context as to why I picked up this book.

As of this book review being posted, I am four months and five days from my 31st birthday. I know that in the grand scheme of things/the overall outlook of life, I am not old by any means. However, I am very aware that with every year that passes, my chances of having a baby diminish more and more.

I have always wanted to be a mom. I have always wanted to have children. Even though their names and the number of children I want have changed over the years, the want for them has remained the same. Even when I was in toxic three year relationship and tried to convince myself that I didn’t want them (my boyfriend at the time didn’t want children), I knew I was lying to myself and him whenever I said I could go without having children. This ended up being one of the many reasons why that relationship ended.

Fast forward to almost three years ago when my then fiancée and I reunited for the first time in a decade, fell in love, and eventually got engaged. We wanted to start a family as soon as possible, but there were a lot of obstacles that prevented that from happening. Every time I got my period or got that negative pregnancy test result, I became more and more convinced that I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant.

When I brought this concern up to my gynecologist, she completely blew it off and told me I was too young to have this worry. I was twenty-eight at the time and we had been trying for about a year and a half, so I was very upset that she didn’t take my concerns seriously. Now that I’m thirty and have never been pregnant, this worry has only increased. The topic of getting pregnant and having children causes me a significant amount of anxiety… because all I want is to have a family of my own someday and I’m scared that it will never happen for me.

So one day while at Barnes & Noble with a friend, I was looking through books in the New Age section (basically the section with all the tarot cards, spell books, and other books along those lines) and came across this book on the shelf. Curiosity definitely got the best of me, so I sat in front of that shelf, opened the book, and began reading.

When I started reading the experiences these single women and couples had and how all of them had gone on to eventually have children, I shed some tears right there in that Barnes & Noble. Some of these women did have medical conditions that made it harder for them to get pregnant, but for others, it was a mental or emotional block. I once had my tarot cards read and the girl who read them told me I could have children one day, but that I had to unblock my heart chakra first. And for some of these women, once they unblocked whatever chakra was blocked, they were able to eventually get pregnant and have a child.

I know the concept of chakras and communicating with your spirit baby (the baby that is eventually meant for you) seems like an outlandish concept, but the healing it has seem to bring to other people and the fact that they eventually had children because of it makes me believe that there is something to it. Maybe it can’t be explained with logic, maybe it’s simply about believing and allowing yourself to stress less about getting pregnant, maybe it’s all bullshit, but who really knows?

But as a woman who is struggling to get pregnant, as a woman who wants to be a mom more than anything, I am hoping that somehow, someway, whether it’s scientific, holistic, or a miracle, that one day I’ll get that positive pregnancy test and find out my dream of being a mom is coming true.

So if you’re in the same boat I’m in and at this point, you are keeping an open mind to any and all possibilities, I recommend this book to you. Even if it doesn’t make logical sense, even if it seems like a load of hogwash, I hope if you decide to read this book you will get some emotional comfort from it. I know this book made me cry (more than once during my reading of it), but it has also given me the courage to make an appointment to get looked at and (hopefully) get some answers as to why I’ve had trouble getting pregnant. I Googled the man who wrote this book in hopes of making an appointment with him and found out he passed away in 2011, so making an appointment with him is obviously out of the question!

So that’s my backstory that led me to this book, which I do recommend! If you need a book with more science behind it, then I recommend It Starts with the Egg. It was one of my 2021 books to read and I plan on revisiting it while on my pregnancy journey.

I promise this blog won’t turn into a pregnancy journey blog, but if anyone would like to see an occasional post about it, please let me know! I hope everyone has a great week and weekend!



  1. HI Michelle, this is a most interesting concept. I certainly wouldn’t disbelieve it because I believe in the power of the mind and channeling energy in the direction you want it to go. How you go about doing that is individual, and to me, irrelevant, it is the outcome that matters. I am sorry to read of your difficulties falling pregnant. Do go and see someone, you may find it is really a small thing that is standing in your way. Before I had Michael, I had two miscarriages and the doctor gave me Clomed and I got pregnant right away. All the very best going forward.

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