2022 Goals: 3 Month Update

So I decided for my 2022 goals, I would post an update on them every three months. Posting an update every month felt like too much, especially since some of these goals are longer term and I might not be able to make much progress on them in just one month. So since we’re in March, which is three months into the year, it’s the perfect month for this update. So here is my three month update on my 2022 goals!

  1. Find a job that makes me happy

I’m still working on this one. Though I have gone back to freelancing, it has been a tough go. I have one client who is really great and has been giving me consistent work. The other two clients… not so much. I am hoping things will turn around soon and that I will either find more clients to write for, or will find a more stable writing job soon. I have been filing out applications and putting myself out there more, so I hope that will equal more writing opportunities soon!

2. Have a more minimalist lifestyle

This goal has been progressing at a decent pace, but I know I still have a ways to go with it! So far I’ve decluttered 70 items that no longer serve me. I’ve sold four items I didn’t need with more I can hopefully sell and more I need to post. I’ve actively made my way through 16 products that were close to being done and I finally finished off. I’ve used up other products as well, but didn’t count those. And I made an inventory of items I have and don’t need to purchase (because 12 lip products is insane and I really don’t need more).

This is just from what is in my room at the house I’m living in. I haven’t even tackled my storage unit yet, which I’m sure once I do, I’ll have even more things I don’t want. In all honesty, I don’t even remember most of what I have in storage at the moment, so that should (hopefully) equal a good declutter when the time comes.

With everything I’ve gone through in the past year and with all the changes I’ve recently gone through and the changes that I know are coming, I’ve come to realize what really matters to me and where I want my focus to go. And having a more minimalist lifestyle will help me with those goals.

3. Write everyday

I haven’t written everyday, but on the days I have, a lot has gotten done. Mainly I’ve been focusing on my freelance writing (which is the main reason this blog has fallen to the wayside). But going forward, I want to make a point to put more effort into my personal writing, like this blog, my journal, and my novel. Because as greta as it is to get paid for writing, I’m following the directions to give me by my clients, meaning I’m writing what they want and not what I want. This blog, my journal, and my novel all give me the ability to write what I want when I want and how I want.

So I think to prevent burning myself out on my “professional” writing, I need to balance it out with my personal writing from here on out.

4. Put myself first more often

One thing I have bene working on is saying no more often, especially if saying yes could negatively impact my mental health. By doing this, I have noticed a slight positive shift in my mental health. However, my overall mental health is still suffering. Even with putting myself first, I’m still not doing as well as I was would like to be.

So there’s the update on my goals! How is everyone doing with their 2022 goals? I would love to know! I hope everyone has a great week!



  1. Hello, it’s lovely to read that you have made progress on your goals. I also like to check with myself every cross-quarter – Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, and Winter Solstice. So far my goals are going well. I also finally feel like I move forward with the plans, although a need to put myself first is somewhere too. I wish you all the best and good luck with finding your dream job!

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    • Hi Eva! Thank you so much for your comment. I love that you check your goals every cross-quarter and that your goals are going well so far. I wish you the best of luck with all your goals as well 🙂

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