Showing Off My 2022 Planner

I make no secret of it- I love my 2021 planner that I purchased from Con*Quest Journals. The theme, the layout, the Harry Potter goodness of it… there’s nothing about my 2021 planner I don’t love! So it should no surprise that when the time came for me to purchase my 2022 planner, I purchased it from Con*Quest Journals (review of this small business can be found here).

Honestly, the moment I saw the 2022 planner from them, I pre-ordered it. I was immediately drawn to the theme Time is of the Essence and when I saw that beautiful purple cover filled with three items I know and love from the Harry Potter series, I knew this had to be my 2022 planner.

I love how they kept a similar layout style to the 2021 planner. I didn’t utilize these as much as I wanted to (this year really got away from me), but I have figured out ways to make better use of them in 2022. Eventually there will be a post about how I do my planner set up, but that will be after I break this planner in and get a solid setup!

I love the look of the month dividers. They all have a vintage feel to them and are very detailed. These are some of my favorites, but they’re all fantastic.

And oh my god the stickers! Fun fact about me- I had a sticker book when I was a child (which I think I still have in storage at my parents house). I used to fill it with any sticker I came across that was too pretty to stick on anything where it might be get damaged or peeled off or hurt in any way. Even now as a thirty-year-old woman, I still struggle in using pretty stickers on anything! So when I saw these stickers, the struggle became VERY REAL because look at how amazing these stickers are! The pictures don’t do the colors of these stickers justice. I definitely want to use them, I just need to figure out how because the child isn’t fully sure she wants to use them!

Since the weekly spread is the same as the 2021 calendar, I didn’t take a picture of it. I didn’t take too many photos because I didn’t want to spoil all the magic of this planner for anyone who might want to purchase this planner or has purchased it and hasn’t opened or received it yet! I am so excited to use this planner and I am even more excited for 2022 because I am very ready for a fresh start!

Have you purchased your 2022 planner yet? Will you be using a digital or physical planner for all your 2022 planning needs? Or are you going to be bold and not use a planner in 2022? Honestly, I can’t imagine not using a planner. I tried once. It didn’t go well and I ended up purchasing a planner. So if you’re someone who can go without a planner I have one question for you- HOW?

I hope everyone has a safe and productive weekend!



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