Meet the Main Characters of My Novel (In SIMS Form)

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it in previous posts or not, but I am a HUGE fan of the SIMS franchise. I have spent more hours than I care to admit (or can even remember), playing the SIMS 2, SIMS 3, and SIMS 4. I would spend hours creating SIMS, customizing their houses, and then play with them for maybe like half an hour before starting the process all over again. This habit was especially bad whenever I would be at my best friend Cat’s place and we would stay up all night doing this.

Creating a SIM is a lot like creating a character for your novel- you name them, imagine what they look like, give them each a personality, etc. You basically control their lives… until they decide to go rogue, do their own thing, and next thing you know the house (a.k.a. your story) is on fire with everyone running around panicking because this wasn’t a part of the plan!

So with all that in mind, I decided to create the main characters of my novel The Death Club. Technically one of them is only mentioned in the first novel of the series, but the second novel is entirely devoted to her, so she counts. These five characters are the ones I focus on the most in the first four novels (yes I planned that far ahead) and I wanted to get to know them better, so I created them as SIMS. Truthfully the SIMS is a bit limiting in personality traits, desires, etc, so I did the best I could with them! So here they are in all their SIMS glory!

Balor Raines is our leading vampire in the first novel of The Death Club series. He is about three-hundred-years-old and is of Irish descent. Balor is stoic, a stickler for the rules, family-oriented, and a bit of a loner. He is filled with guilt over how he became a vampire and he avoids humans for the most part (he has a human assistant to take care of things that need to be done during the day). It isn’t until he saves the life of Maeve Davis that Balor begins to question everything he thought he knew about himself and the way he had been living.

Maeve Davis is our leading human lady in the first novel of The Death Club series. Maeve is twenty-three-years-old and is a writer for a magazine (which I still haven’t named yet). Maeve is a loner with only one friend, her assistant Sally. She is very career-oriented, family-oriented, and maintains the highest leaves of professionalism at all times. Throughout the novel we see Maeve being described as “plain in appearance, but her inner beauty makes up for it”, so her look is very basic. She lives with her older brother Blaine and he is the only family she has left after their parents died in a car accident when she was sixteen. Maeve was perfectly fine living a life alone with just her brother by her side until one chance encounter changes her life forever.

Blaine Davis is one of the main human side characters in the first novel of The Death Club series. Blaine is twenty-six-years-old and is a sports photographer. Blaine, like her sister, is a bit of a loner with no real friends to speak of (at the time of the first novel). Blaine is also career and family-oriented and he enjoys a good beer at least 3 nights a week. Blaine has taken care of Maeve since their parents died in a car accident when he was nineteen, so they are very close. The fourth novel of the series is based around him, so you’ll just have to wait to learn more about him!

Killian Duvall is the main vampire side character in the first novel of The Death Club series. Killian is about two-hundred-and-forty-five-years-old and is the adopted son of Balor, who saved him and his “sister” Kendra from their original maker. Killian is a ladies man who never seems to stay with any woman for longer than one night. He is charming, rarely serious, and family-oriented. Though he has yet to find love, doubting its existence altogether, Killian is the one who encourages Balor to pursue Maeve so he can finally be happy. The third novel of the series is based around him, so you’ll just have to wait to learn more about him!

Kendra Craven is only mentioned in the first novel of The Death Club series. Throughout the first novel she is Ibiza, Spain, partying it up at their Death Club branch. From what little we’re told about Kendra, we know she is very close to Balor and Killian and that she would come back in an instance if either of them needed her. Like her brother and father, Kendra is a bit of a loner and family-oriented. Since the second novel of the series is based around her, you’ll just have to wait to learn more about her!

Now these aren’t the only characters I have in the first novel. Salvatore (Balor’s human assistant), Sally (Maeve’s assistant), Rose Whitfield (Can’t reveal anything about her yet as it would major spoilers), and the Vampire Elders are all also in the first novel. So if you would like to see their SIMS in a future post, let me know! Because honestly, I had a lot of fun doing this! I’m also thinking about creating the actual club itself in the SIMS as well… that could be a lot of fun as well!

Have you ever created a SIM of any of your characters? Or do you have some other way of visualizing them? I would love to know! I hope everyone has a great weekend and a safe Fourth of July!


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