The Importance of Bookshelves

Blogger’s Note: This post was originally meant for Saturday the 19th, but I ended up with a really bad cold mixed with allergies (thank you Florida for giving me something I never had in Pennsylvania), so I was laid up in bed feeling like my head was going to pop off. So because of that, I am a bit behind on my blog post schedule. So for the next 3 days, there will be a blog post so I can catch up on what I missed posting. The schedule will resume as normal on Wednesday the 30th.

Admittedly, this post might seem a little silly and dare I say obvious. After all, as bookworms, bibliophiles, etc, we know that having a place to put all our books is important! But let me explain why I’m writing this post and maybe it won’t seem silly afterwards.

Back track to March of 2021. My engagement ended for several reasons. Obviously living together after that wasn’t an option, so I moved in with the family of a friend I have here in Florida. All my stuff was packed up, most of it was (and still is) in a storage unit. But my books came with me to my new living arrangement (although some did end up in storage). So from the end of March until about the end of May, my books were kept in storage totes. Why? Because there were no bookshelves in the room I’m staying in! And honestly, it made me depressed. I’ve ALWAYS had bookshelves in every room I’ve ever been in. I’ve always BOOKS in every room I’ve ever been in. Books are vital to me. Like breathing and eating I need books to survive, especially when I’m feeling my worst… and if you’ve been reading my blog since about February, then you know I’ve been struggling this year.

So I talked to my friend’s mother and told her I needed bookshelves in my room, that I needed to be able to see my beautiful books on display and not hidden in storage totes. So what does she do? She takes me to Walmart and I buy two black bookshelves! Admittedly, Walmart bookshelves suck. I’ve had them in the past and I’m not a fan of them, but they’re serving their purpose for now.

Blogger’s Note: This photo was taken on June 11th. I have since done some rearranging/reorganizing so it looks a little bit better now.

So during the 2 or so months I haven’t had bookshelves, it made me realize something important to me- whenever I’ve moved somewhere, getting my bookshelves together were always at the top of my priority list. Whether it was buying and putting them together or just getting them organized, whenever I had my bookshelves completed, I felt complete and like I was getting my life together. And more importantly, whenever I had my bookshelves together, I felt at home.

So though it’s not technically my room (it’s my friend’s room, but he’s away at college so it’s mine for now) and though it’s not a place of my own… it’s home. I’m home… and that’s why bookshelves are so important to me.

Maybe it’s only me that feels this way… which leads me to the question- whenever you’ve moved, were getting your bookshelves up and organized on the top of your priority list? Does having bookshelves make you feel more at home? I would love to know! I hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. The answer to your questions is yes! In addition to needing to see my books, the majority of my bookcases are homemade by my father and my brother, who have both passed on. So, the bookcases are a reminder of them, too.


  2. For me, (like you) books are a big part of the home, so getting them up on shelves asap is a big part of setting into a new home and making it ‘feel like home’. This is one of the reasons I don’t really like digital books, or borrowing books ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ“š

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