Driving Progress: How Lessons Have Been Going So Far

So at the end of May I accomplished a goal that has been on my list for a very long time- I got my learner’s permit! So with acquiring that piece of plastic that says I can legally drive with a licensed driver in the vehicle with me, the next step is (naturally) to begin to learn to drive. So here’s how that has gone so far-

Lesson 1: My friend’s mom had me sit behind the wheel of her car and practice pressing down on the gas and brake pedals. The car was off the entire time and she said the car wouldn’t be turned on until I was able to press the brake pedal without looking. Well good thing the car was off because the first time I hit the gas pedal! The second time I hit the brake pedal. End of lesson 1.

Lesson 2: My friend’s sister had me drive up and down the long road we live on. We mainly practiced braking, using every other mailbox as my signal to brake. I braked on the heavier side the first two times, but after that I was able to brake smoothly. Then she had me brake at every 3 mailboxes. I did really well and the plan was to have the lesson for an hour… well about 45 minutes in my anxiety took over and I had to stop. Apparently my anxiety believes we shouldn’t be driving and that this isn’t natural (which honestly, I kind of agree with. Driving doesn’t feel natural to me and I’m really not comfortable with it). But it does bother me that my anxiety kicked in when everything was going really well… my anxiety is a major pain in the ass sometimes! Also, I didn’t go above 25 miles per hour once during the lesson and can’t imagine going over that… and the speed limit on the highway is 70! I am definitely nowhere near ready to do 70 (or even 50 for that matter)! End of lesson 2.

Lesson 3: My friend’s sister took me to a parking lot near where we live so I could practice turns. That didn’t go well at all. The turns were way too narrow for my liking and honestly, the steering wheel and I weren’t getting along well. It wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do (the mechanics of the steering wheel confused me. Just don’t ask how). Then someone came down the way I was going, so I braked and wouldn’t move until they were past me. Even after they were behind us, I refused to move. So the lesson ended there… but the good news is I’m now a pro on the brake and honestly, I am a HUGE fan of the brake pedal! And also, I’m not ready to be on the road with other people. End of lesson 3.

Lesson 4: My friend’s mom had me practice doing light turns with the steering wheel down the road we live on. So basically I just weaved back and forth on the road. She had me do a turn around someone’s driveway and that went well… then we almost ended up in a ditch because I saw that the steering wheel was centered and thought it meant we were centered, but then the car started going right… thank goodness she grabbed the steering wheel and I’m a pro on the brake because that’s how we avoided the ditch! Then she had me try reversing the car, which I DEFINITELY WASN’T READY FOR! And I was so freaked out doing it that my arms locked straight out and she had to turn the steering wheel for me. End of lesson 4.

I haven’t had any lessons since because everyone in the house ended up sick with either a sinus infection or a cold (my friend’s nephew started daycare recently and ended up getting sick after his first week, so since he’s two and loves everyone, none of us were safe). Hopefully now that everyone is feeling better (minus my allergies giving me an issue), I’ll be able to restart my lessons soon… but I’m in no rush.

Honestly, I get why someone might to drive- it offers you the freedom to go where you want when you want. If you want to take a trip to the bookstore after work, you can. If you want to grab some Wawa at 3am, you can. If you need to go grocery shopping, you can. You don’t have to wait for someone to drive you because you can just drive yourself! But to be honest… I don’t think driving is something I’m going to enjoy. Maybe I feel that way because it’s so new and uncomfortable to me, I don’t know. I guess only time will tell!

Do you enjoy driving? Or do you only do it when you absolutely have to? I would love to know! I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend!



  1. I’ve been driving since I was sixteen, so it’s just part of my normal life. The only times I don’t like it are when I’m attempting to drive through a blizzard, the road is a sheet of ice, or I’m falling asleep due to highway hypnosis. If you’re a nervous driver, I’d advise that you stay off I-95.

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