And So the Next Chapter Begins….

Today as of 11:22am (or so, I wasn’t paying attention to the exact timestamp), I OFFICIALLY GRADUATED FROM GRADUATE SCHOOL! I now have my MFA in Creative Writing, a goal I never thought I would achieve. If you’ve been following this blog for the past year or so, then you know this hasn’t been the easier journey for me for multiple reasons. Between struggles with professors, assignments, my mental health, etc, I spent more time wanting to quit the program than anything else! But I pushed myself to keep going… and in the end it’s worth it to have that degree to put on my resume, along with an awesome GPA (which I can’t share at the moment because my final grade in my last class hasn’t been posted yet).

So it’s official- This chapter of my life is written and closed. And thus, another chapter begins. What chapter is that? …. I have no clue in all honesty. Right now I’m still focusing on my goals I listed in my Trying to Get My Life Back on Track post, but two of them have been achieved (graduate school and finding a psychiatrist, though I’m starting off with a therapist first) and the third one is in the works. I am still working on getting my blogging back on track as well as starting the edits on my novel! I will be looking for my second round of Beta Readers in a few weeks, a month at the most, so keep an eye out for that. I’m also excited to be going back home to Pennsylvania for 5 days this month to celebrate my best friend’s 30th birthday and to see my family. Going home back in March really did wonders for me and I’m sure it’ll do the same this time around as well.

I don’t have a solid plan for myself or my future right now. I plan on using the next 3-6 months to figure out what’s next for me. As much as I would love to rush head first into something new, that doesn’t feel right to me. For once, patience feels right (don’t have a heart attack from me saying that mom), so I’m just going to take some time to try and enjoy life, get my mental health back on track, get my writing back on track, and overall, just focus on what’s best for me, my career, and my future.

I hope everyone is doing well and achieving their goals. I hope the month of May is a great one for you. And Happy early Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Have a great weekend everyone!



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