2021 Goals Update: March

I had so much hope that March would be a much better month for me… and I was wrong. Very wrong. I won’t get into it all right now, but in short- My life has been flipped upside down and now I’m just trying to get it right side up. I feel like I’ve lost all control of my life, lost my direction, and like I’ve lost my damn mind. So I’m still hoping (though not that hard to be honest) that somehow, someway, April will be the month to turn it all around. But we’ll see… I.m not feeling too optimistic about that at the moment. So here is the update of my goals for the month of March.

  1. Write 500 words a day: Not even close. I wrote one day in March and I didn’t even keep track of the words for it.
  2. Two posts a week: Yet again, not even close. I only had one blog post in March and that was it.
  3. Get Beta readers for my novel: I’m awaiting feedback from my Beta Readers.
  4. Start the first draft of my second novel: I haven’t touched this draft in awhile.
  5. Grow my blog to 300 followers: As of this post, I have 223 followers. I have no clue how I got that many followers when I haven’t been posting! But that means I only have 73 to go to meet this goal.
  6. Finish my graduate degree: I’m in the last month of my degree, hooray!
  7. Have at least 3 new clients for my editing business: No luck with this one either.

So March was not the month I was hoping for. Not one bit. And I’m feeling really down and not at all hopeful that April will turn out any better… but all I can do is keep trying. I hope everyone had a much better March than I did and I hope everyone has a great weekend as well.



  1. Hi Michelle, its great that you got Beta readers, that is a big positive. I didn’t have a good writing month either because work took over, but I will try to squeeze in more writing in April. I hope April is good to you and you have a lovely Easter. I hope to see you soon for a writers meeting. Hugs.


  2. Hi Michelle! It’s good to hear from you. Honestly, I hate hard and fast goals because I rarely reach the goal. I do better with something more general. I think March is the hardest month of all because it is long and ‘not yet spring’ after months of winter. You’re a month away from your graduate degree! That’s huge!! I hope April is a better month. I think of you often and always wish you the best. Really!


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