2021 Goals Update: February

Hi everyone. It’s been almost a month since my last blog post. An explanation for why that is will be posted sometime this week… but let’s just say I’m officially dubbing February as Fucked Up February because it was the worst month I’ve had in a very long time for several reasons. Truthfully, I’m still not back to where I should be, so things might still be shaky for a bit. Even though February wasn’t the best and I don’t think I achieved any of my goals, I’m still going to do this post to have some semblance of “normalcy” for me, which is something I really seem to need. So here is an update of my goals for the month of February!

  1. Write 500 words a day: Not even close. I wrote one day in February and I didn’t even keep track of the words for it.
  2. Two posts a week: Yet again, not even close. I only had two blog posts in February and that was it.
  3. Get Beta readers for my novel: Found some Beta Readers… and still have yet to send them the novel.
  4. Start the first draft of my second novel: I haven’t touched this draft in awhile.
  5. Grow my blog to 300 followers: As of this post, I have 204 followers. Only 96 to go!
  6. Finish my graduate degree: I’m in month 11 of my degree, so I’m almost there! I should be done in 1-2 months (I can’t remember if it’s 12 or 13 classes).
  7. Have at least 3 new clients for my editing business: No luck with this one either.

If you’re one of my regular readers, you can probably tell that something went very wrong in February because things normally aren’t like this. Like I mentioned above, the explanation for that is coming sometime this week. I hope all you had a better February than I did and I’m hoping like hell that March is much better! I hope everyone has a great week.



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