Book Review: Zen in the Art of Writing

This book was recommended to me by my undergraduate advisor/mentor and a former classmate. It took me awhile to find it, but on an unplanned trip to Barnes & Noble, I found it! I finished reading it in January and all I can say is wow! Seriously, if you don’t own this book or have never read it, I recommend you purchase it, read it… and then read it again. This book is officially going in my Top 5 of books on writing (which still has 1 more spot that needs filling and also may end up being a future blog post).

One of my favorite things about this book is the raw honesty and experiences that Ray Bradbury shares with the reader. We get to read about his successes and his failures. We get to read about real experiences with the writing process and about inspiration. I found it interesting how he got a lot of his story ideas from a list of words where he just picked a word and started writing something. Seriously, I wish I was that creative! Maybe one day I will be… wouldn’t that be nice?

There were two lines in this book that when I read them, they immediately hit me. The lines were-
We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.” To me, this felt like the perfect description of what being a writer is. We’re constantly filling ourselves up with ideas, words, experiences, etc and we hold all of that inside ourselves, not always sure what to do with it. But when we do allow ourselves to release all of those things, we create something beautiful… it really is an amazing thing to be a writer and be able to share ourselves with the world through our stories and experiences.

The biggest takeaway I got from this book was how inspiring being a writer is and how writers can find inspiration in the most unexpected places. After reading this book I felt inspired and felt excited about being a writer in a way I had never felt before. That is why this book has made it in my Top 5 and this is why I’m recommending it to all of you!

So would you consider reading this book? Or if you have, did you recommend it to anyone? I would love to know! I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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