New Thing I Tried In January: The Minimalism Game

So I’ve mentioned/talked about minimalism/decluttering on this blog quite a few times, even going so far as to show off some of the things I’ve decluttered! So to start off the New Year and my venture into becoming a minimalist (which is going so-so at the moment), I decided to try a new approach to decluttering for the month of January- The Minimalism Game.

What is the Minimalist Game you might ask? Well I’ll tell you! This game was created by The Minimalists Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus. The basic just is to declutter an item everyday based on what number day you’re on. So on day 1, you declutter one item. Day 2, declutter 2. Day 3… you get the point. So by the end of the month (depending on the month you’ve chosen to do it in), you end up decluttering over 500 items. You can do it with a friend or by yourself. The only rule they have is that you have to the items out of your home by midnight. Admittedly, I have broken this rule because of my work and school schedule. By the time I’m done with work most days, the donation center is closed, so it’s not possible to get everything out by midnight! Also, there are items I’m selling and selling things isn’t always that quick of a turn around. I did this mostly by myself (with my fiancée contributing a few items).

So I’m not going to share every single thing I decluttered because that would make this post ridiculously long and boring to read! So I will share a few things of note I decluttered during this game-

  • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children book and movie (Donated. I really hope someone enjoyed them)
  • Dried/Used up concealer (Trashed. Also goes to show how much I don’t wear makeup anymore)
  • 3 candles (Gift or Sell. I bought way too many Vampire Blood candles around Halloween and I won’t go through 6 of them before next Halloween)
  • Quite a few pieces of jewelry I never wear
  • More Funko Pop boxes that I held on to for some unknown reason
  • A bunch of plastic bags (Recycled responsibly)

    Honestly, this method of decluttering isn’t for me. I prefer a more… natural(?) approach to decluttering. Like if I’m reorganizing or rearranging something and I find items I don’t want, then I declutter that way. Or I’ll set aside time to declutter a particular area/category if it feels overwhelming or cluttered to me. Decluttering this way felt pressuring and overwhelming to me. Having to focus on the number of items decluttered each day really didn’t set well with me, it didn’t feel natural. So I won’t be trying this method of decluttering again.

    But if you are someone who needs to declutter and is having trouble doing so or if you need to declutter a lot of items quickly, then I think this method might work well for you. It gets you to clear out the clutter quickly and effectively, so it’s good for anyone who needs a fast fix to clutter. Of course, it can also work for people who declutter frequently (like me) if you don’t mind the pressure of an item count looming over your head each day!

    Have you ever tried The Minimalism Game? If so, how did I go for you? If not, would you consider trying this method of decluttering? I would love to know your thoughts! I hope everyone has a well-organized start to their week!


  1. I haven’t tried the game, but I do prefer doing things organically like yourself. I’ve realised that I don’t like to stick to doing something a certain way, but I like having a system that I follow instead. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. For me, decluttering means putting everything away in its rightful place (or make a rightful place if it doesn’t already have one). Being forced to get rid of things every day?! Gasp! Horrors! Where are my smelling salts?

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