I’m Starting a Booktube Channel

So my new therapist has made the suggestion that I start a vlog besides having my blog. He thinks because I articulate my thoughts well, have such a passion for reading and writing, etc, that starting a vlog might be a good way for me to gain confidence and to also put more focus into something I love. So at his suggestion, I have decided to start a Booktube channel!

Basically what that means is I’ll be posting videos on YouTube talking about books, writing, fandom, etc. I may even do a few daily vlogs if anything really interesting happens (like going to Universal Studios) or when we move showing off my new office (which will hopefully be soon, we’re all ready for a move).

I’ll be posting my Introduction video on Wednesday, but don’t know if that will be my regular upload day… truth be told, I don’t have a solid plan with this yet. I’m just making things up as I go along.

I do have a few videos on there already from earlier attempts at doing something and I also have the personal branding video on there that I had to make for my Creative Writing Portfolio class. So feel free to watch those and have a good laugh at how awkward I am in front of a camera (because I really am).

So this is the link to my channel. Subscribe if you’re interested in seeing my videos (if you aren’t, I completely understand). Thanks in advance for the support! And I hope everyone has a great week!

Also, if you make Booktube videos or have a favorite Booktuber, link them in the comments so I can check them out!



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