Small Business Review: The Wizarding Trunk

My love for Harry Potter is well-known and well-established on this blog. I make no secret of it and have written so many blog posts about Harry Potter that I think my status as a dedicated Potterhead is obvious. So it should be no surprise that my next small business review is a Harry Potter subscription box!

I first heard about The Wizarding Trunk through two of my favorite Harry Potter YouTubers, Cherry Wallis and Peter a.k.a. The Potter Collector. I watched them unbox every box and each box had so many amazing magical items in them! It took me a long time to finally subscribe to them because with a subscription box you always run the risk of getting items that aren’t to your taste (which has definitely happened to me). So at first I just purchased two items from them, a glass blown necklace of Mad-Eye Moody’s magical eye, which was from a past box and a koala patronus pin with the proceeds going to the Wild Life Warriors World Wide because of the devastating fires that happened in Australia. Well after receiving the pin and the necklace, I decided to subscribe to The Wizarding Trunk myself, especially after finding out their next theme was going to be magical lessons! As a proud Ravenclaw and possible eternal scholar (I love learning), I was so excited to see what items would be in each box! The first lessons box was Herbology and Ancient Runes, and it was amazing! I won’t be showing everything I got in the box because I no longer have every item (I sold some of the ones I didn’t like) and I’ve also received more boxes since then, so I will just be showing off some of my favorite items I’ve received from some of the boxes.

Herbology T-Shirt (From the first lesson box, Herbology & Ancient Runes)

Herbology is one of my favorite subjects. So when I opened the box and saw this shirt, I was immediately in love. It is one of my favorite/most worn t-shirts because it’s so comfortable! Another item I got from this box (not photographed, but still worth mentioning) is the Herbology face mask! It’s one of my favorite face masks despite being yellow. Recently in their Charms and Muggle Studies box I got another t-shirt that I absolutely love and have worn quite a bit since I received it (not photographed because it’s currently in the laundry).

Eihwaz Defensive hand Sanitizer Spray (From the first lesson box, Herbology & Ancient Runes)

Not only is this item practical for the times we’re living in, but it smells amazing! It smells like Lavender and Sage (which is my favorite scent combination) and leaves your hands feeling clean without feeling sticky afterwards. I try to use it sparingly because I don’t want to run out of it!

Transfiguration Print (From the second lesson box Transfiguration, Apparition, & Flying) and Niffler Print (From the third lesson box Care of Magical Creatures & Arithmancy)

The Wizarding Trunk has some of the best prints I’ve ever seen and this one is no exception. If you remember the scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where they’re learning to turn animals into water goblets, you’ll see this on the blackboard behind Professor McGonagall. This print is amazing and is hanging over my desk. Honestly, I’m kind of obsessed with the prints The Wizarding Trunk has and I even purchased one from a past box that is also currently hanging on my wall!

Above is another print from the Care of Magical Creatures & Arithmancy box that is wooden and I absolutely love as well. They didn’t call it a Niffler in the description (probably due to copyright), but it’s a Niffler and a very cute Niffler at that. I’m debating whether to hang this print up with the others or if I should put in on my Niffler shelf. Decisions, decisions…

Pumpkin Juice Bottle & Pumpkin Juice Candle (From the All Hallow’s Eve Special Edition Box)

When The Wizarding Trunk announced they were doing a Halloween themed box, I immediately went onto their site and ordered one. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I had no doubt this box would amazing. I was right- It is by far in my top three favorite boxes I’ve received from them. In the box were these two amazing items- A replica Pumpkin Juice bottle and a Pumpkin Juice candle. I have always wanted a Pumpkin Juice bottle and I even bought some to try at Universal Studios the one time. To sum it up in a few short words- Pumpkin Juice tastes like Fall in a bottle and it it delicious. But I recycled the bottle, forgetting to keep it… and then every time I went to Universal Studios I forgot to buy another one. But now I don’t have to worry about that because I have this beautiful glass replica bottle! The candle is also in a glass container and smells like Fall in a bottle as well. I’m not sure I’ll ever burn it, but doesn’t it look so good next to the bigger bottle?

Death Eater Mask (From the All Hallow’s Eve Special Edition Box)

Another amazing item from the Halloween themed box and I love it! Though I wouldn’t consider myself a Death Eater, the Death Eater aesthetic is definitely my vibe, so when I saw this mask I was so excited! I plan on eventually doing a Dark Arts themed shelf, so this will be perfect for that. Sadly, it’s no wearable, but I saw The Potter Collector glue some ribbon onto the sides of it so it would be wearable, so I fully intend to do that! I just can’t wear it over my glasses when I do, so maybe it’s time to switch to contact lenses! But isn’t it a stunning piece?

Flesh Eating Slug Repellant Plant Mister (From the third lesson box Care of Magical Creatures & Arithmancy)

This is one of the most practical items I’ve received in one of my boxes and I love it! I keep it on my desk and use it to water the plant you see in the background (a red vein plant which I’ve named Mr. Vein). It’s well-made, practical, and super cute! Honestly, it’s probably my most used product from one of these subscription boxes (the shirts and hand sanitizer would be the other most used).

So there you have it- A look at The Wizarding Trunk! One of my favorite things about this subscription box is that all the items in their boxes are either made in house or are from other small businesses/creators. So everything is handmade, high quality, and gets the work of small businesses/creators out there. So if you love Harry Potter and want awesome products, I would highly recommend trying out The Wizarding Trunk. You can find out more about The Wizarding Trunk at their website or follow them on Instagram at The next box is Potions & Astronomy, which I am incredibly excited for because Potions is my absolute favorite subject! So if you would like me to do a post about this box specifically, let me know!

What was your favorite item out of the ones I showed? Would you consider getting a subscription to The Wizarding Trunk? Or are there any subscription boxes you subscribe to? I would love to know! I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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