Globus Mundi Shop Tour

Due to the pandemic, this shop was closed for most of 2020, so I was unable to do the shop tour for it last year. But on my most recent trip to The Wizarding World (back in December), I saw that it was open! So it’s a little late, but here is my shop tour for Globus Mundi!

Have you ever wondered about all the magical modes of transportation there are? Have you ever wanted to travel but didn’t have the time or money to do so? Then Globus Mundi is the shop for you!

I’m not going to lie- This is an easy shop to miss. I missed it during my first visit at Diagon Alley. It’s near where Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees do their performance as well as The Tales of Beetle the Bards shows- which I highly recommend going to see both! But once you find the shop, you’ll never forget where it is.

If you are a witch or wizard who loves to travel, then this shop is perfect for you! Upon entering the shop you see travel posters for exotic locations like Scotland, New York, and more! The wall closest to the entrance is covered in clocks with different times on them and it’s really cool! And if you look up at the entrance ceiling, you’ll see the most popular mode of transportation for witches and wizards- Brooms! Go in further and you are met with magical modes of transportation! Lost your ticket for Platform 9 3/4? Purchase a new one at Globus Mundi! Looking for some merch to celebrate your favorite train? They have plenty of that! They also have plenty of backpacks, luggage tags, and other travel needs!

It is a very small shop, so there isn’t too much more to say about it. Honestly, it is one that I think people can skip on their trip to The Wizarding World simply because there isn’t anything too special about it. Like I said, it’s easy to miss and it’s also one that is never mentioned in the books or movies. It is a cool shop because of the theme and the decor though!

What mode of magical transportation would you travel by? Would you travel by broom, train, disapparation, or by magical creature? I would love to know! I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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