2020 Goals Update: November

On January 1st, I posted my 2020 goals. Now today, December 1st, I am posting my goals update for the month of November. November was by far the worst for me mentally and emotionally. There were so many ups and downs with the downs outweighing the ups. And some days were a lot harder to deal with than others. My mental health has tanked so badly that I’ve decided to start therapy again and hope that it helps. Hopefully December is a better month for me… but with that aside, here are is the update on my goals for the month of November!

1. Write 500 words a day: Mental health really plays a big role in how creative/inspired/motivated I feel… and from the word count I’m about to share, that definitely shows. My word count for November was 9,303 words and that number is really disheartening to see. At this point, I’m just hoping I can turn it around in December and start 2021 off on the right foot!

2. Learn or try something new every month: This months new thing was centered around money and not spending it on things I didn’t need! I think I did well with it, but there was definitely room for improvement!

3. One post a week: Thanks to all my planning and having blog posts prepared for the next few months, I was able to meet this goal with no issues! 

4. Finally finish a draft of a novel: So I made some progress on my novel this month. I wrote a new opening scene, which I think was needed and is definitely more interesting than my original opening scene. So now my original opening scene is the start of Chapter 1. I have already thought of how I want to make Chapter 1 better, but I can’t do that until the editing phase (though u really, really want to fix it now)! And I feel like I’m slowly inching closer to the end of my very rough first draft. There is still a lot of story/detail to be added, but I feel like I can add that in the editing phase as well. So I’m hoping to get the rest of this rough first draft done in December and start having my first round of beta readers in January. But we’ll see!

So that was my November! It wasn’t the month I was hoping for or the month I needed, but overall, I’m just happy it’s over. I’m really hoping that December, the last month of 2020, can get me off to the good start I need for 2021 or just be the last month of bad stuff and January be the start of all the good. So let’s see if I can end this year on a high note!

How did you goals progress in November? What are you hoping to accomplish before 2021? I would love to know! I hope everyone has a good week!



    • Ah, the age old question of to self-publish or not to self-publish? As I’m drawing closer to having the first draft of my novel done, I’m thinking about that more and more. I intend to do more research once I’m in the beta reader stage.

      But how did your research go? Do you feel more or less confident in the idea of self-publishing?

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