Small Business Review: Waxspurts Candle Co.

I admit it- I have an addiction to things that make my home/room smell good. Candles, incense, wax melts, I love them all! I did go through a phase where I loved essential oils as well, but there are so many factors to helping keep their scent and with their short shelf life (at least it felt short to me), I don’t feel like they meet my needs at this point in life. Wax melts are a relatively new addition to my scent addiction and I already have a small collection (I swear it’s small, unlike my candle and incense collection). So with that in mind, I wanted to find more wax melts that would match my scent preferences, but it’s hard when stores have so many generic scents and some of them don’t hold up well over time.

So one day while scrolling through Facebook, I came across a post on one of the Harry Potter groups I belong to (shoutout to Simply Potter and my friend Brandy Brown who started it), every week they do a post where people can post their small business, blogs, Instagrams, etc as a way to generate new customers, clients, subscribers, etc. I love scrolling through these posts because I’ve come across some Instagram accounts and YouTube channels that are great (one of them is a young boy and his editing skills are amazing) and I’ve come across some great small businesses as well!

Waxspurts Candle Co. is one of those small businesses I’ve come across thanks to those posts. Obviously with my candle addiction, I was immediately interested, and immediately went on the site. Let me tell you- I was not prepared for not only the amount of product that Waxspurts has, but they have products for so many different fandoms (as well as some non-fandom selections as well) and so many scents that I feel anyone and everyone could find a scent they would love. Besides that, I love that this company sources as many of their materials as possible from small businesses in the USA and that their candles use Kosher soy, are 100% vegan, uses phthalate free fragrances, lead free cotton wicks, and the materials used are fully recyclable. As someone who is working toward being more environmentally conscious, I appreciate this!

I can’t even begin to list all the fandoms, but it shouldn’t be any surprise that I immediately went for the Wizards section (the Harry Potter section) and I loved everything I saw. From the packaging, the names, and the scents, everything felt magical and high quality. I choose to go with the wax melts to start (partially to feed my new scent addiction, partially because this is when my fiancée and I were trying not to buy more candles). So I bought 4 scents from the Wizards section (though there was probably at least 10 I wanted), and I bought 2 other scents (a GoT scent and a scent inspired by The Raven Boys book series). Honestly, there are so many other scents I was interested in purchasing, but I did limit myself because I wanted to test them out for myself before I bought a numerous amount of their products.

I received them quicker than I expected (that had nothing to do with their shipping, but with the situation in the world) and when I opened the package, I could immediately smell all the goodness and was super excited! Pulling out each wax melt was a treat for the sight and smell. Honestly, Waxspurts has some of the cutest labels I’ve ever seen and each one fits the scent perfectly. I barely had them out of them out of the mailer before I had one in the wax melter (scent Ron).

My photos aren’t as creative as the ones Veronica (the owner and creator of this Waxspurts Candle Co.) has on the site, but I didn’t want to use her photos for two reasons. The first reason being, I wanted to show that I actually bought these products and liked them. I know I’m not an influencer or anything like that, but I always want to be transparent about anything I mention in my posts. So I figured that by taking the time to not only write this post, but take my own photos as well, it truly shows how much I enjoy the wax melts and that I really believe they are worth the money I spent on them. The second reason is I really like taking photos for my blog posts because it’s another creative element and I think (well I hope) that my readers enjoy the photos I take! So with that aside, onto the photos and the products!

The scent Ron is a delicious blend of chocolate frogs, pepper imps, and gingerbread. This scent makes me think of the fall season, baked goods and sweets, and family (because I associate baking with my mom). The wax melt itself is a bright orange and smells incredible! Even after we turned the wax melter off, we could still smell the scent for a while afterwards and even when it wasn’t melting, I could still smell it from time to time when passing the wax melter and I loved it. So if you’re someone who loves fall and sweets, this one is for you!

As a proud Ravenclaw, there was no way I was passing this scent up! The Common Room scent is a blend of leather books and incense. It smells like an old bookstore and exactly what I’ve always imagined the Ravenclaw Common Room smelling like. This might be a weird way to describe it, but it smells vintage to me. I could imagine walking through an old bookstore filled with the scent. This was the second scent I melted and it is by far my favorite! Lately I’ve been turning on my wax melter when I write and this is my go to scent because every time I smell it, I feel like a writer (I know I am one, but this scent just adds to it). The blue color of the wax is beautiful and when it melts, it’s an even more beautiful shade of blue! I can’t say enough good things about this scent and it is one that I think is a must for any writer/Ravenclaw/book lover.

The scent Butterbeer is a delicious blend of butterscotch, buttered rum, and buttercream. This is the third scent I melted and it made me want a Butterbeer and butterscotch candy really bad! Honestly, it smells like all things butterscotch, so if you’re someone who loves butterscotch, this is the scent for you! The wax is a golden yellow color and when it melts, it looks like melted butterscotch, which just adds to the aesthetic. This is the perfect Fall/Halloween/Holiday scent (though I’ll be melting it all year round).

The scent Potions is a blend of lily, leather, and teakwood. Lilies are one of my favorite flowers and Potions is one of my favorite subjects, so that’s what drew me to this one. The scent feels very dark and masculine to me, which is normally not my preferred scent profile, but I love this one! It feels very genuine to what a potion classroom would smell like. The dark green-grey color is topped with green shimmer and is very pretty to look at. Though I haven’t melted this one yet, I am confident that it will smell amazing from start to finish!

Dracarys is the scent of Dragon’s Blood (but no actual dragons were harmed in the making of this wax melt). Dragon’s Blood is one of my fiancee’s favorite scents and while I like the scent as well, it’s hard to find this scent in a form where it’s not overpowering. In the past I’ve had a Dragon’s Blood oil and it was so strong it made my eyes water! But this scent isn’t overpowering, it’s a lighter Dragon’s Blood smell than what I’m used to and I love that! The wax melt is a reddish-orange color. Though we haven’t melted this one yet, I’ve opened the packaging and smelled it quite a few times. So I will be melting it soon, but The Common Room scent has dominated my wax melter and I may need to buy a second one just so the other scents get some love too!

Psychic Services By Appointment Only is a blend of white sage, tea leaves, and sandalwood. When I saw this scent, my little witchy heart fluttered. As a tea drinker and a lover of sage, this scent screams me! Plus the wax color is a beautiful shade of blue and blue is my favorite color (besides black). Now this might sound weird, but when I first got this scent and smelled it, it smelled like blueberries to me! My fiancée doesn’t get the blueberry scent, but I do. So to my nose (which may or may not be broken) this scent smells like everything listed above and blueberries! This scent makes me think of a little psychic shop filled with good smelling incense smoke and tea. So it smells delicious, almost good enough to eat, but please don’t eat the wax melts! If anyone decides to purchase this scent, please let me know if you smell blueberries too or if it’s just me!

Waxspurts Candle Co. offers 15% off to new subscribers, all you need to do is put in your email! And as of this post going up, Waxspurts is offering free shipping with an order of $60 or more. If you want to learn more about Waxspurts Candle Co. the link to the website can be found here. You can also find them on Instagram at (which you can also access through the website, same with their Facebook page). If you decide to follow them on Instagram or Facebook, say hello and tell Veronica where you first heard about Waxspurts from! I’ve spoken with her a few times through Facebook and she is one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of talking to! I told her I was writing this post because I really believe she is making something special and that she has a product/company worth being recognized! Plus I fully believe in backing small businesses who are run by people who are passionate about what they’re doing and Veronica is definitely one of those people! So I truly hope that some of you reading this post will take the time to visit the site and purchase some items for yourself!

With that being said, I hope everyone has a good week and I hope that you will consider supporting Waxspurts Candle Co. as well!



    • Yes! They’re basically like candles without the wick. They can be reused multiple times until the scent completely dissipates. They just require a warmer to use them.

      I think they’re perfect for people who live in apartment buildings with a no candle policy because they don’t violate the rules and they still make your place smell great! Plus most wax melters are really nice and give off nice lighting, so you get the scent and a warm, cozy ambience all in one.

      As you can tell, I’ve gotten really into wax melts 😀


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