Filch’s Emporium Shop Tour

Filch’s Emporium is one of those shops that is easy to miss unless you’re getting off the ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. This shop is under Hogwarts in a section where you see more people coming out of instead of going into. There are two entrances to the shop, technically three if you decide to go in through the locker area. One entrance is the one pictured above, which is in the park and the other entrance is when you get off the ride. Though this shop is easy to miss, it has one of the more interesting backstories for shops (at least in my opinion). The backstory of Filch’s Emporium is that this is where Filch stores all the items he’s confiscated from Hogwarts students over the years and that all the student working within the shop are there because they’re in detention. Each “student” has a backstory for why they’re in detention and if you want to know what it is, simply ask them! My favorite one so far has been the Ravenclaw who got caught sneaking into the Restricted Section of the Library after dark (because if I went to Hogwarts, that’s why I would be in detention as well).

The store is also decorated with some of these confiscated items, the Fanged Frisbee pictured above being one of my favorites (and is a replica I would love to own if they made it). But there are an assortment of items above and below and you could easily spend quite a bit of time just looking at all the confiscated items. Also the lighting fixtures and the pillars with the owls add to the aesthetic of both the castle and the shop. Honestly, the carved owls on the pillars are one of my favorite details in this shop!

Filch’s Emporium has a great selection of Harry Potter merchandise. They have multiple ranges, such as house themed sweaters, cups, jewelry, and other items. They have merchandise for Platform 9 3/4 and the Deathly Hallows. They also have a line of Hogwarts Alumni merchandise (pictured below). Just look for the Back to Hogwarts sign for all your alumni merchandise! Honestly, the alumni line isn’t my favorite (I don’t wear white), but I think it’s cute for those who aesthetic it matches!

Filch’s Emporium also has a lot of The Noble Collection replicas, all displayed in a glass cabinet. I almost imagine it being Filch’s way of displaying the most valuable items he’s ever confiscated. Even the Wizard’s Chess set has a cage over it!

There is other assorted merchandise throughout the store, such as bags, pajamas, notebooks, and two amazing picture frames that I feel are a subtle way to incorporate the wizarding world into your Muggle home or workplace. There is a lot of other merchandise as well, but most of them I’ve shown in other shop tours and I don’t want to show too much of the same thing! One of the newest additions to their merchandise is a beautiful Hogwarts trunk that’s $250.00! Not going to lie, I would love to own a Hogwarts trunk one day, so I’m definitely keeping this item in mind!

So there is the Filch’s Emporium Shop Tour! Which item was your favorite? And if you were a Hogwarts student in detention, what would you be in detention for? Also, this may end up being my last shop tour, but I’m not sure yet. The one store I need to photograph is still closed and the other isn’t open fully and I’m not sure how I would feel about doing half a shop tour. So if I’m unable to get those done, I will find something to substitute for them! So with that being said, I hope everyone has a magical and detention free week!



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