Book Review: Organized for Success by Stephanie Winston

I make no secret of it- I love organization! I am constantly researching or trying new ways to organize my life. I have noticed that when I’m organized I am at my best. Organization also helps ease my anxiety because it allows me full control over my space. Though I share a space with my fiancee, we are both pretty good at keeping things organized even though we organize things differently! So when I came across this book (it was either at a thrift store or a library book sale, I can’t remember which) the title immediately caught my attention.

Admittedly, it took me longer than I want to admit to get through the book. It is a very slow read because you’re trying to process all the information being given. So I wouldn’t recommend sitting down and trying to read it in one shot, I would recommend reading a chapter and then letting that information process before starting another one.

It was a very interesting read because I find it fascinating how different people organize their lives. Reading some of the organization methods of these Executives and CEOs made me go “I would have never thought of that” or “OMG how do they function that way? It sounds chaotic to me!” So it really opened my eyes to all the different organizational methods that are out there.

One of the chapters I found most helpful for me personally was Chapter 10, Multitasking Myth: A Senior Executive Perspective. I am a multitasker. I have been for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I can focus on one thing, but most of the time I’m doing several things at once. I always thought multitasking made things better because I’m tackling several tasks at one; but turns out I was wrong! Apparently “spotlighting a task” is a more efficient way to accomplish getting things done. So I am going to try this method and see if it helps me become more productive.

I also found a lot of the time saving tips and the tips for dealing with interruptions to be helpful as well. I know I don’t always use my time as effectively as I could and I want to improve on that. The chapter I probably found least helpful was Chapter 4, The Art of the Calendar/Planner. The reason this one didn’t feel as helpful as the others is because the planner system I have for myself is working for me and has been very helpful to keeping me organized and on track with the different aspects of my life. Since I color code it, I can take a quick glance at a day and know if I have work, a writing group meeting, a blog post that needs to be posted, etc. So knowing I have something that works well for my life right now made this chapter a bit irrelevant to me. But if the time ever comes where my life changes and the system I’m using now no longer works, then this chapter might come in handy.

Overall, I found this book to be interesting and useful. I plan on trying out some of these organization methods and seeing what does and doesn’t work for me. Organization isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing, so I know some of these methods won’t work for me and that’s fine. But I won’t know until I try! So what are some of the best books you’ve read on organization? What useful organization tips did you learn from them? I am always looking for book and organization recommendations! I hope everyone has a well-organized week!



  1. I remember when the brain research on multitasking came out a few years ago, I felt vindicated. I can multitask, and I have for my entire career out of necessity, but I do my best work when I’m totally in the zone.

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