Quidditch Quality Supplies Shop Tour

If you look to your right when your first enter Diagon Alley, this is the first shop you see. Quidditch Quality Supplies is the store where you can buy all your Quidditch supplies for your future Quidditch player!

The shop is small, but full of replica toy brooms, toy quaffles, toy bludgers and beaters bats, toy gold snitches and more are all there waiting for your Quidditch player in training! They also sell hoodies, jersey style shirts for each house, and Quidditch jerseys that you can get personalized- but they personalize the jerseys at The Universal Store in Universal Studios and then at The Trading Post over in Islands of Adventure. They also sell pins, jewelry, and more!

The store is well decorated with a Chudley Cannons poster, a mannequin wearing Quidditch robes, Madam Hooch’s referee outfit from the movies, and more! One of the coolest parts of the store is out front when you look into the window and see a Firebolt broom on display like you would see in the movie!

Like I said, it’s a small shops, but it’s a really cool one! If you or anyone you know is a Quidditch fanatic, then this is the store for you!

If you were to purchase something from Quidditch Quality Supplies, what would you purchase? Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of Quidditch so there isn’t much in this store I would want. But let me know what you would buy or what your favorite item was! Have a magical week everyone!



    • 😂 Best response ever!

      Quidditch is the sport they play in Harry Potter. The history of it is really interesting as well, so if you’re curious, you can Google it and read more about it. Or you could read the book Quidditch Through the Ages (yes it’s a real book) and learn more about it that way. … can you tell I really like Harry Potter? Lol!

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