2020 Goals Update: June

On January 1st, I posted my 2020 goals. Now today, July 1st I am posting my goals update for the month of June. June was a month where a lot of things happened, both good and bad. But all of that, especially my biggest and most exciting news yet, will be an upcoming blog post! I’ve been trying my hardest to get myself and my goals back on track, but I know this month I definitely fell short.

1. Write 500 words a day: My word count for June was even worse than last month. I only wrote 5,870 words. It doesn’t feel good to see the number of words written each month getting lower and lower. So I decided to change up the way I approach my daily word count in July to see if that helps me get back on track. The word goal for July is 15,500 and I hope that with my new daily word system in place, it will help me reach that goal again for the first time in months.

2. Learn or try something new every month: I wasn’t able to reach this goal this month. I don’t even have a good reason for why I didn’t meet it. With everything that happened it just slipped my mind. So I’m hitting the refresh button on this one so I’m not overwhelming myself trying to play catch up in July.

3. One post a week: Thanks to all my planning and having blog posts prepared for the next few months, I was able to meet this goal with no issues! I was even able to post two additional blog posts on important topics! Thank goodness for planning and organizing!

4. Finally finish a draft of a novel: I didn’t get any novel typing done this month. Every time I trued to sit down and do it, I got distracted by other things. I really hate typing handwritten things! But I will commit myself to getting a bulk of it done this month so I can resume putting my novel together and continuing with the writing.

So that was my June. It was a weaker month than May and it’s left me feeling rattled about things. I’m just hoping that somehow July turns out better. Not just for me and my writing, but for our entire world. Because if this year is showing us anything, it’s that as a society, we need to do better.

So how was your June? Did you meet all your goals? Some of your goals? None of your goals? I just hope it went better than mine! I also hope all of you and your loved ones are safe and healthy! I hope everyone has a safe and healthy week!



  1. All things considered, I’d say that you did pretty well with your goals, Michelle. I figured out what software I want to use to put together an ebook of poetry and how to format it, so I’m counting that as a win.

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