Magical Menagerie Shop Tour


The next shop on our tour is one full of magical creatures sure to delight witches and wizards of all ages- Magical Menagerie. This store is one of my favorites because I like the open layout of it as well as the overall design of it. The windows are full of magical creatures and some of them even move! Admittedly, the window with the moving snake in it freaks me out because I hate snakes, so that’s why it’s not photographed.

The shelves are full of magical creatures, so everyone is sure to find one they will like. We have Hippogriffs, Fluffy, Toads, Nifflers, Owls, and more! One of the coolest plushies they have is actually a puppet that when you stick your hand inside it, a dragon “hatches” from its egg! It’s very reminiscent of when Norbert hatches from his egg in The Sorcerer’s Stone film- minus the shards of egg going all over the place!

They have sections dedicated to certain creatures such as the owls, nifflers, pgymy puffs, Fang, Crookshanks, Hedwig, and the Cornish Pixies. I think the Fang plush is super cute and am considering eventually adding one to my collection! I also really like the Fluffy plush and am considering adding that one to my collection as well!

They have shirts, keychains, pins, and more. On one of my recent trips to Magical Menagerie I was able to get my hands on the Noble Collection Fawkes statue to add to my collection- which includes a Niffler and a Mandrake so far. They also have a dog treats jar and a leash for your dog, so there are practical items in the store as well!

If you look around the top of the shop you’ll see sculptures of magical creatures above. The orange cat moves and is super cute! If you look above you will also see a covered cage where you can see rats in it doing tricks- If you read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, you will understand that reference. There are also creatures all over the store that look like they’re holding up the display area and they are really cool!

Overall, this is one shop that is sure to delight witches and wizards of all ages! I also have to say that one of the girls who works there is definitely one of the nicest people I’ve ever encountered while in The Wizarding World! Her name is Caitlyn and she has always been super helpful and sweet whenever my boyfriend and I have gone into the shop. Everyone at The Wizarding World is super nice, but I feel she deserved a special shoutout for all the help she’s given us!

So if you went into Magical Menagerie, what magical creature would you choose? I love Nifflers and Fawkes, so those two are the top of my list! Have a magical week everyone!


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