Tips for Combating Writer’s Block

Being a writer we means we face a lot of obstacles. One of our biggest obstacles is writer’s block. Some writers don’t believe that writer’s block exist, others do believe it exists. Me personally, I definitely think writer’s block is real because I have experienced it more times than I want to admit. And when my writer’s block hits, it hits hard and for  a long time.

So with my writer’s block constantly appearing and never seeming to go away long enough for me to get anything written, I finally decided to try methods to combat and eventually beat my writer’s block. These tips might not work for everyone, but trying to combat writer’s block is half the battle. So here are my tips for combating writer’s block!

  1. Word/Idea dump: Sometimes writer’s block stems from having too many ideas in our heads and not knowing what ones to focus on first. I know I have those moments a lot, so when that happens I take a pen and a blank piece of paper and I just write anything and everything. Any words that come across my mind, any ideas, thoughts, memories, etc, I just get all of it out onto that piece of paper. It doesn’t need to make sense, it doesn’t need to have proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc, it just needs to be down on the page. Once your mind is cleared the writer’s block should be gone.
  2. Find inspiration: If that method doesn’t work, the next thing I do is watch decluttering videos or other videos I find inspirational. There is just something about watching people clear out their spaces and watching them get their lives in order that inspires me to try to do the same. Sometimes one video does the trick, other times I need a three hour decluttering video binge session to get rid of my writer’s block, but this does seem to work more times than not.
  3. Take a break: It is very possible to mentally exhaust ourselves. I know because this happens to me several times a day or several times a week depending on certain factors. Mental exhaustion can lead to writer’s block simply because we just don’t want to think and when we don’t want to think, we sure as hell don’t want to figure out what our characters need to do to get to the next chapter or figure out some complex lore that will make our novel make more sense. When we’re mentally exhausted all we want to do is not think or do anything else that requires brain power. In these moments, I try to nap. Why? Because sleep is a way to reset and refresh ourselves. When we take some time to nap or sleep, we’re giving our brains a chance to stop thinking and to get some rest too. If you’re not able to nap, you can try yoga or other forms of exercise which are known to release stress and help clear your mind. With a clear and refreshed mind, you can get back to writing in no time!

I chose these three tips because these are the ones that work the best for me, but there are many more out there! Do any of you have your own list of tips for combating writer’s block? If so, share them below in the comments! I would love to know your thoughts and opinions on this topic. Have a great day everyone!



  1. Good post…. I actually feel you covered the key things to do… Taking a break and exercising through getting on the treadmill or hitting a boxing a bag definitely helps me to think of ideas of what to write about…

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