2020 Goals Update: May

On January 1st, I posted my 2020 goals. Now today, June 1st I am posting my goals update for the month of May. May was another rough month for so many reasons. I haven’t talked about graduate school too much since I started back in March because I wanted to devote a whole blog post to it. But I don’t feel like a good opportunity has presented itself for me to talk about graduate school. So for now, I will give you this short glimpse into my graduate school experience so far- My last class nearly made me give up on pursuing my MFA. I was so stressed, miserable, and at one point, I just sat in front of my computer and cried. So yeah, graduate school has kind of sucked so far.

1. Write 500 words a day: I missed a lot of writing days this month. The stress of graduate school made it hard for me to focus on anything but my graduate school work. And on the days I wasn’t working on my assignments, I just didn’t feel like writing. So I didn’t reach my May goal of 15,500 words. I only wrote 6,702 words in May, which was even worse than April! I’m disappointed in myself. I started out the year so strong and didn’t let anything stop me from reaching my goal, and now this goal is just slipping through my fingers. June’s word count goal is 15,000 words and I don’t feel confident I’ll reach it.

2. Learn or try something new every month: I wasn’t able to meet this goal this month due to the state of the world. So for June I am hoping to come up with something extra special to make up for it or try two new things to make up for missing it this month!

3. One post a week: Thanks to all my planning and having blog posts prepared for the next few months, I was able to meet this goal with no issues! Thank goodness for planning and organizing!

4. Finally finish a draft of a novel: My most recent blog post is about my novel progress so far! Since that post, I’ve actually received feedback from my last two beta readers! So now I can start work on the first five chapters. But I think for this month, typing what I have into my my Word doc and really getting it in better order is my biggest task. I hate typing things I’ve handwritten, so wish me luck!

So that was my May. It was a weaker month than April and it’s left me feeling rattled about things. I’m just hoping that somehow June turns out better. Not just for me and my writing, but for our entire world. Because if this year is showing us anything, it’s that as a society, we need to do better.

So how was your May? Did you meet all your goals? Some of your goals? None of your goals? I just hope it went better than mine! I also hope all of you and your loved ones are safe and healthy! I hope everyone has a safe and healthy week!



  1. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! We have a lot in common: I’m also in grad school, constantly trying new projects, working on writing a book, and also am trying to learn calligraphy! It’s strange that we’ve been on opposite ends of the internet writing about similar things! Looking forward to reading more! All the best for June! 🙂

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    • Hi! Thank you so much for your kind words! Writing has this way of connecting people together and now its seem to chosen us to be connected together through our similarities and our differences! I hope your June goes well also 🙂

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  2. For what it’s worth, my first semester of graduate school, I had unremitting insomnia for the entire first semester (Impostor Syndrome). Please don’t beat yourself up for needing to concentrate on your assignments for the time being.

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