The Progression of My Novel

So this post is serving two purposes. Since the start of the year I have posted a New Thing I Tried This Month post, but this month I was unable to do anything new for several reasons, the biggest being the current state of our world. So because I don’t want to skip a post, this one is in place of my usual monthly post. I hope that makes sense. Thank you to everyone who reads and comments on those posts! I will try to come up with something extra special for next month.

The second purpose of this post is that I know I talk about my novel a lot and post very brief updates on it, but that’s all I’ve done! So what’s the way to tell someone about your progress on a project? You show them! So this post is my way of showing my progress on my current novel and is a better explanation of what I mean when I say my novel is currently in pieces.

So as you can see from all the piles, the computer, and what is taped on the door, it truly is in pieces! However, they are a lot more organized than they were a month ago. So far I have four chapters that are typed and in order. There is one chapter taped to the door for editing/rewriting purposes. I have the chapters I sent to my beta readers in a separate folder to edit once I get the feedback from the last two beta readers (though I’m honestly not sure how much longer I’ll wait for them because its been over a month, probably closer to two months now).

Though these piles might look messy, crazy, and organized, there is an organization to them! These 10-11 piles are all grouped a specific way. For some, it’s just a matter of actually taking the time to type them up into the word document I have. For others, it’s a matter of figuring out where they go! But with every new scene I write, things are falling into place more and more. It’s making me feel confident that by the end of the year I will have my first draft done!

So there you have! That’s my novel and the progress on it so far. If anyone has any questions about my writing process, my editing process, the novel itself, etc, please leave them in the comments and I will answer them as best as I can! And tell me about your works in progress, I would love to hear about them. I hope everyone has a good and productive week!



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