Dealing with Rejection

Rejection is a part of life. We can be rejected in various situations by any number of people. We can also be the one rejecting something or someone. Though it is a part of life, rejection sucks. Being rejected is one of the most soul crushing things we can experience. Why? Because when you want something or someone so much, it hurts to imagine not getting that something or someone.

As writers, we face rejection more than most people ever will. In fact, the moment we choose to become writers, we sign ourselves for rejection. Being a writer means putting our words and stories out there for someone to read… But sometimes those words and stories won’t be well received.

It can be devastating to have the piece you put your heart and soul into rejected. It can make us feel inadequate, like we aren’t good enough or aren’t talented enough to have our piece be accepted. For some people, rejection is validity that they aren’t meant to have that something or someone. And for some people, that rejection makes them give up on their dreams and themselves.

I’ve been rejected more times than I can count. I’ve been rejected by my peers, by guys I had crushes on, by a performing arts high school I had really wanted to attend. I was rejected for leading roles in school plays and put in minor roles that were easily written out of the plays- I rejected those roles because I knew they were insignificant. I was rejected by a graduate school I really wanted to attend, but that led me to finding one that fit me better. I could go on and on about all my rejections, but that would be a very long and boring post!

Were those rejections easy to deal with? Some were easier to deal with than others. Did it make me give up? That was dependent on the scenario. And what have I learned from being rejected? I’ve learned that rejection means you’re meant for better things. If the guy you like rejects you, it means you’re meant for someone better. If the college of your dreams rejects you, it means they aren’t the best place for you to pursue your education. If a publisher rejects your manuscript, it just means a better publisher more fit for your novel is out there waiting for you! Rejection isn’t an end, but an opportunity for a new and better beginning for you.

This is something I have come to realize over the years and with every new rejection I’ve faced. Rejection sucks, there is no denying or sugar coating that. It sucks! But giving up on yourself or your dreams sucks even more because you are depriving yourself of happiness. Don’t deprive yourself of being happy and having the life you want!

It’s like that Chumbawamba song from back in the 90s: I get knocked down, but I get up again/You are never gonna keep me down. When you get knocked down, get back up again and keep going. Rejection is an opportunity. It might not feel like one, but it is! The only way you can truly be rejected is if you give up on yourself- Because then you’re rejecting your passion, your dreams, and your determination, leaving you with nothing but a whole lot of misery and a lack of motivation.

So if you’re rejected, keep going! Ask for feedback when you can, work on bettering yourself and your skills, and when the moment is right, the opportunity that is meant for you will come!

If you’ve ever been rejected, share your story down below and let others know how you dealt with it! I hope everyone has a good week!



    • Thank you! After years of different rejections, I’ve learned that positivity is the best approach to dealing with rejection. So I wrote this in hopes of helping others avoid the negative rabbit hole I’ve spiraled down more times than I can remember.


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