Blog Organizing & Planning: How I’ve Stayed On Track

I admit it- Blogging hasn’t always been a priority on my to do list. Back when I started this blog other things felt more important and truthfully, even though I knew it would be a slow start to building up views, comments, and followers, the lack of all those things discouraged me and made me feel like I could make better use of my time. I feel like even last year with all those goals I made, there was still a part of me that didn’t make it a priority like I should have. So I took some time during December of 2019 to figure out why that was. And I figured out why I was having this issue- I had no real planning, organization, or scheduling with my blog posts. I just wrote and posted whenever I felt like it with no real reason or thought to my posts except that I just needed to post something. I’m sure if I went back and read through some of my old blog posts I would hate them and feel disappointed in their quality and overall content.

So in December I decided to approach my blogging differently. I decided to do more series, post more about things I enjoy or have opinions on, things that interest me, etc. But I knew what the true key to my success would be- Organization. When I was in college my biggest key to success was my organization. By having everything written down from start to due date, I was able to stay on top of everything and meet all my deadlines with little to no issues (except for the time my laptop died and I had to replace it, but I still managed!). Though I’ve tried to maintain that level of organization after college for some reason it never clicked in my brain to apply that organization to my blogging! So in December I decided that for 2020 I was going to put my college organization skills to my blogging.

I color code my planner so at a quick glance I’ll know what to expect for each day. This years planner is a Harry Potter planner with The Marauder’s Map on the cover and Harry Potter theming throughout the planner. I have my planner coded for different things, but for the sake of this post, we will only be focusing on the star stickers followed by the dark blue writing! The star stickers followed by the dark blue writing are my blog posts. As you can see, I try to schedule my blog posts for every Wednesday- with the exception of my monthly goal posts and some other posts. Below where I schedule my blog posts is where I put my 500 word tracker. Below that is where I write down my daily to dos so I can always find them. The actual Harry Potter stickers mark the days that my boyfriend and I are going to Universal Studios!

Besides my planner, I recently decided to implement another tool to help stay organized and on top of my blogging- My blogging notebook. It’s just a simple 5 subject black notebook that I bought at Walmart that I have since labelled and decorated with Harry Potter stickers- I really like how the Cornish Pixie herd came out. I decided that having one notebook for all my blogging needs would be a lot easier than having random scarps of paper all over my desk. I also thought having a list view of upcoming blog topics I want to cover as well as my writing and anxiety blog schedules would help me see where I need a post for any given month. The blogging notebook is relatively new, but I have already found it to be extremely useful and handy to have! I don’t want to give too much away so that’s why I covered the pages.

So this is how I’ve managed to stay on top of my blogging this year! I definitely feel that this system has really helped me stay on track and make blogging a top priority now. What do you guys think of my blogging system? Do any of you have a system of your own that you use? If so, tell me about it below or if you posted about it, link it below so I can read it! I hope everyone has a good and organized week!











  1. Hi Michelle, You have a great system! And you asked about others and organization. Well, as the “king” of organization, what would you expect me to have? LOL! I am laughing at me, not you!

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  2. I use Evernote for my blog planning. I write the title of the planned posts in the calendar so that I can keep a regular posting schedule. Then I have created a notebook for Weekly Writing goals, so that I can schedule writing the post one week and proofreading it for readiness the next.

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