2020 Goals Update: February

On January 1st, I posted my 2020 goals. Now today, March 1st I am posting my goals update for the month of February. The end of February proved to be a bit rough for me, but I feel I overcame it well! So here are how my goals for February turned out!

1. Write 500 words a day: Due to a concussion, I did miss one day of writing my 500 words. My head was throbbing so badly that trying to write or do anything was impossible. But I managed to make that missed day up the next day. So for February, the word count should have been 14,500. My final word count for the month is- 16,613! This means I went 2,113 words over goal! Though I’m beating myself up a little bit for missing that one day, seeing this makes me feel better. The word count for March should be 15,500 words and I am confident that I can reach and exceed it!

2. Learn or try something new every month: My new thing I tried this month was calligraphy! I really enjoyed it and intend on continuing with it. If you missed that post, click here to read it!

3. One post a week: This month was a success! One or more posts were up every week. I have even started scheduling posts for the month of April and have all of my Harry Potter shop tours planned for the rest of the year! But I am always open to suggestions for topics, so if anyone has a topic they would like me to cover, let me know in the comments below!

4. Finally finish a draft of a novel: Though my first draft is still in pieces, it is in less pieces than it was in January. It’s coming together better, but I know there is still a lot missing or that needs to more added to it. I am hoping during this month (March) to have it in decent enough shape to get a few people to read to read the first few chapters and get some feedback on it during the month of April. But we’ll see how that goes!

So though a concussion caused me to miss one day of writing, I am still feeling very good about how February turned out! I’m hoping March turns out just as well, if not better!

How was your February? Did you reach or exceed your goals? I would love to know! Have a great week everyone!



  1. Wow, kudos on reaching your February goals despite a concussion! I met my February reading and submission goals. I didn’t meet my goal of starting research on a novel idea, but I wrote lots of tanka to make up for it.

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