Scribbulus Shop Tour

For our next shop tour, I’m covering one of my stores in Diagon Alley- Scribbulus. It’s not the biggest shop and it’s easy to pass if you’re not looking for it, but it’s one of my favorites for what it contains- Notebooks, quills, ink, and anything else a writer could desire!

One of my favorite sections in Scribbulus is the section with all the textbook notebooks with art by MinaLima. Since my last visit to Scribbulus they’ve received two new notebooks that I fully intend to buy and add to my collection along with all the others one I don’t already own!

I love how each house has their own section filled with the exact same notebooks, just with the different house crests and colors. Obviously the Ravenclaw section is my favorite!

The selection of quills and ink in Scribbulus is amazing! The colors, sizes, and variety of quills make it easy for everyone to find one they will like. The ink comes in a variety of colors and in different bottles, each beautiful, unique, and ready to be used! They aren’t pictured, but they also have a set you can purchase that has ink and a quill in it if you’re just looking for a quick choice or a gift for someone you know.

They also sell wax seals for the witch or wizard who doesn’t want to seal their letters- or Ministry memos which are also pictured- with tape or spit! Since you build up these seals yourself, they are on the pricey side. I chose to purchase my Ravenclaw wax seal and wax at Dervish and Banges for about $20 less. But I also never want to swap out my seal- which you can do with the ones at Scribbulus- so it made sense for me purchase that one.

Scribbulus sells many more things that I didn’t photograph so some mystery is left for those of you who eventually shop there. It may be small, but it’s a magical shop full of wonderful things, sure to delight the witches and wizard who stay up late with quills in their hands!

So my question for all of you is- What would be the first item you would purchase from Scribbulus? I would love to know! Mine were The Monster Book of Monsters and Advanced Potion Making notebooks!



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