Fantastic Beasts Funko Pops: Picking My 5 Favorite that I Own

In one of my last blog posts I wrote about my five favorite Harry Potter Funko Pops. Well I enjoyed writing and photographing for that post so much that I decided to do this for my Fantastic Beasts Funko Pops! So here are my five favorite Fantastic Beasts Funko Pops that I own!


1. Newt Scamander Coming Out of of His Briefcase (Barnes & Noble Exclusive)

Newt Scamander is one of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter Universe. I think he might be my second favorite in all honesty. I came across this Funko Pop on a trip to Barnes & Noble right beofre I went to see Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them: The Crimes of Grindelwald. I love the quirkiness and the adorableness of this Pop because it reminds me so much of Newt- who is also quirky and adorable. I also love all the details on him, especially the briefcase, which has texture and little rivets around the case. Newt’s jacket also has texture and amazing detail. Overall, I just love this Funko!


2. Fawkes (Flocked version, Hot Topic Exclusive)

Who doesn’t love Fawkes? He is an amazing, beautiful, intelligent, and loyal creature! And he strikes an impressive cinematic form- especially in that scene from Order of the Phoenix when Dumbledore is confronted about Dumbledore’s Army and Fawkes helps him escape. So with all that in mind, I was excited when I saw Funko was releasing a Pop for him! But here’s the interesting part- I didn’t know they were releasing a flocked version! I came across this version by chance one day when my boyfriend and I made a stop in at Hot Topic! When I saw him, I immediately grabbed him… and then my boyfriend grabbed the other one, which we later gifted to his stepmother- who is also a Harry Potter fan! So it was chance that brought this Pop into my life and it’s one of my favorites out of my entire collection!


3. Pickett

Pickett is probably the simplest Funko Pop I own, but my goodness is he cheeky! One of my favorite things about this Funko Pop is the personality. With Pickett sticking out his tongue, you’re almost waiting for him to come to life and give you some sass. He is a very clean Pop with minimal detailing and minimal texture on his leaves, but he is so cute and the green really stands out on my shelf! I adore him and he looks really great next to Newt on my shelf!


4. Chupacabra

Though his role in The Crimes of Grindelwald was brief, the Chupacabra made an impression. He is oddly cute, weirdly cuddly, and I know my dad would want one as a pet! He was gifted to me by my boyfriend after I left Florida- we both knew I was coming back, so he was awaiting my return. He is one of the most textured Funkos I own! He has little spikes all over the back of his neck down to his tail. His mouth and chin also have texture. He sits well on my shelf and overall, I just think he’s really cute!


5. Fwooper (Funko Shop Exclusive)

The Fwooper is probably the most brightly colored Funko I own! I bought it off eBay because I knew I wanted/needed it for my collection and I’m not at all disappointed I bought it! The coloring on this Pop is amazing and I love the angry expression on the Fwooper’s face. Its claws are a little sharp, which is a detail I really appreciate. I also love all the feathering on it because I feel it enhances the color- if that makes any sense. I didn’t go for the flocked version because it looked too fluffy to me, but this version is perfection! It’s a stand out and I adore it!

I decided to make one difference to this post and that is adding a bonus Pop! This guy definitely deserves to be talked about because he is one of my absolute favorites. So here he is in all his glory!


Bonus Funko Pop: 10Inch Niffler (Target Exclusive)

When I first saw this guy online, I almost lost my mind. The Niffler is one of my absolute favorite Fantastic Beasts and when I saw him, I knew I needed him. Thankfully, my best Kellie was working at Target at the time and she bought him for me because he was the last one they had in stock. I had a lot of fun trying to fit his box on my old bookshelf- I was packing to move at the time and saw no point in unboxing him at the time. I adore him beyond words. He is so cute and I wish I could carry him with me everywhere. I love all the detailing on him, especially how the pocket watch looks like it’s coming out of his pouch. The pocket watch is covered in clear plastic and the texture on the chain feels very realistic. The detailing on the Niffler himself is amazing as well. He feels so smooth and has the cutest face! I’m just waiting for the day he springs to life and steals all the shiny things in our bedroom! I also own both sets of Baby Nifflers, which I also love so much, but I didn’t want to make this the Niffler post!

So there it is, my list of my 5 favorite Fantastic Beasts Funko Pops that I own. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Would you guys be interested in seeing the rest of my Funko Pop collection? Let me know! Also, keep an eye out for a future blog post featuring some of the replica pieces that I own from various Harry Potter films. Have a great week everyone!


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