2020 Goals, Plans for the Blog, and More!

Today begins a New Year and a new decade! To me, this marks a lot of changes and a chance for a fresh start. This year changed a lot for me and though I let some things slide- like my weekly posts to my blogs- I feel 2019 treated me a lot kinder than previous years have. So with all this in mind, I’ve decided on my 2020 goals and some plans/changes to this blog. So to start, here are my 2020 goals!

1. Write 500 words a day: My novel, blog posts, and any other writing projects all fall under this category. I’ve been told that getting 500 words a day equals to 182,500 words a year, which is the equivalent of two novels or more depending on the word length of your novel. So seeing what 500 words a day can amount to is inspiring me to try my hardest to always get in those 500 words!

2. Learn or try something new every month: Since graduating college, I’ve realized I’m lacking the drive to learn new things because I’m not in an environment where education is constantly going. So for this reason, I want to make it a point to either learn or try something new every month so I can continue to grow as a person and also step out of my comfort zone. Admittedly, my comfort zone is feeling stale to me and that makes me uncomfortable, so it’s time to shake it up!

3. One post a week: I did very well with this one at the beginning of 2019 and want to pick it back up in 2020. If possible, I may try for two posts a week, but we’ll see how one goes for now!

4. Finally finish a draft of a novel: This has been one goal that has constantly gotten away from me, but  not this year thanks to my 500 word goal!

And those are all the writing related goals I have set for myself this year. Since three of them basically go together, I feel I am setting myself up for a successful year of writing!

So with my plans for the blog, I want to do some new series and also branch out on my content a bit. As many of you know by now, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and would like to add more Harry Potter related content to the blog. Because I now have a Universal Studios Annual Pass, it will give me more opportunities to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and give you guys proper content on that. So keep an eye out for monthly Harry Potter World content! Along with that, I will also be doing a monthly post for the new thing I try that month, with or without pictures depending on what I’m doing. And I will also be doing a monthly goal update for all of you.

As for the more, I have set some goals for myself that I am keeping to myself. But what I can tell you is that I’m hoping 2020 is the year where certain things I have hoped for finally happen for me. But all I can do is wait and see what 2020 has in store for me!

So I hope everyone has a safe and happy start to their 2020!



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