More Changes Ahead!

October is officially over and now we’re in November! It’s crazy how fast last month seemed to go by, and what’s even crazier are the changes that are happening for me!

So back in September I mentioned how I was working 3 jobs. Well that’s no longer true. The permanent retail job I was working at I left. I gave them my two weeks notice and the departure was an easy one. The main reason I left was because they weren’t giving me a lot of hours and they also gave me a lot of issues with scheduling. There were other factors as well, but I just couldn’t see myself having longevity there, so I left. My seasonal retail job ends this week and I’m super depressed about it. I’ve loved working there and the people I worked with are the best group of people I’ve ever worked with. I hope we all manage to stay in contact after this week, but we’ll see! I am still doing my freelance job, but only until next month because I have given them my months notice. The reason for that is- I’m starting  a new full-time job on Friday! I won’t say too much about it until I start, but basically with this job, I will have a set schedule which means I will know what my day looks like on a day-to-day basis, meaning I will have time for other aspects of my life, like spending time with my boyfriend and new friends, writing my novel, working on this blog, and to do other things.

From 3 jobs down to 2, soon to be down to 1… and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve come to realize that at least with a job, I like having a set schedule. It kind of reminds me of being in school where you had a set shcedule every day and that sort of structured scheduling makes things easier on me.

The other big change is that I’ve been doing more social things here in Florida! On the 25th of October, my boyfriend and I went to this little outdoor market/festival at one of the crystals shops we’ve recently visited. There were belly dancers, tarot readers, people selling different items… overall, it was a relaxing, fun, and awesome experience. I had my runes read by a guy in a wolf pelt and a kilt! And I also had a very insightful tarot reading which really opened my eyes to somethings… so I’ve been working on making those changes so I can get myself to a better place mentally and physically. Then on Saturday night, I went to a co-workers Halloween party and had a lot of fun! There are more events coming up that my boyfriend and I intend on going to, so I’m beginning to have more of a social life… and it feels great.

So these are the recent changes in my life! I know change is something that is always happening and that more changes are on the horizon for me, but these are changes I’m excited and happy about! I would love to know any changes that have happened for you recently that you’re happy about! Have a great week everyone!




  1. I hope this new job is amazing and the perfect fit for you! I can only imagine how great it feels to go from 3 to 1, and to have a schedule you can rely on!
    Looking forward to reading more:)))
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    • Thank you! I had my first day yesterday and it was a bit more difficult than I expected, but I’m hoping it gets easier as the days go by! But the structure of the scheduling is really great, even within how they give us our 1o-15 minute breaks and our lunch break 🙂

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