My Crystal Plate

Hey everyone! I’m sharing a post from my anxiety blog because not only is it related to mental health, but also to writing as most of the crystals mentioned in the post help me with my writing! I hope all of you read it, like it, and also consider following my anxiety blog! Thanks and have a great week everyone!

Dear Anxiety- We Need To Talk

In a previous post I mentioned how I now have a crystal plate on my desk. It’s not like a traditional crystal grid where you have one of the chakras on it and you put crystals on it that align with that chakra. Mine is a lion plate that I purchased at a thrift store- the lion represents my zodiac sign Leo- and I put crystals on it that represent what I would like to achieve while I’m sitting at my desk. So all my crystals on this plate are centered on creativity, clarity, focus, anxiety reduction, and more.

Instead of overloading the post with pictures, I have just one picture with all the crystals and have numbered them 1-9. Underneath will be the name of each crystal and why I chose it for my crystal plate.


  1. Amethyst: Amethyst helps with anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. Amethyst can also…

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