Twenty One Pilots Appreciation/Inspiration Post #2

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So not even four months after seeing Twenty One Pilots for the first time with my best friend Kellie, I got to see them for a second time with my boyfriend Shane. This time I got to see them at the Amelie Arena in Tampa, Fl. This was my first time attending a concert at that arena and also my first Florida concert.

I’ve seen Twenty One Pilots twice now and all I can really say is that I hope it won’t be the last time. This show was very different from their first one, from the set list to the way they had things set up, but I wasn’t disappointed. Seeing how different they made the show excited me and inspired me. Tyler and Josh are true showmen who have a deep appreciation for their fan base and they know how to keep the audience on their toes! I was actually close enough to Tyler at one point where I could have touched him, but I left the moment to the family next to me because their young son was wearing the ski mask and Tyler went over to high five him. Seeing that look on the family’s face and the excitement on that young boy’s face was heartwarming and awesome to see.

Overall, it was another amazing concert from my favorite band. Seeing the impact they have on their fans and how their lyrics bring people together and bring them to tears- I cried twice during the concert- inspires me to want to do the same. I hope one day my words and my writing can bring people together and make them feel emotional. That is what I aspire to do, just like Tyler and Josh have.

We are Twenty One Pilots and so are you. Stay alive and hopeful everyone. ||-//


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