Writing Resolutions Progress Report #8

This month hasn’t been the best month, but here is my my writing resolutions progress report for the month of August.

1. Keep freelancing- Nothing has changed. I still only focusing on one job.

2. Update both blogs 1x a week- This resolution has completely fallen apart. Due to everything that went on, I only updated this blog once and haven’t written anything for my other one all month.

3. Finish one draft of my novel- No progress has been made on this one.

4. Get accepted into grad school- As I mentioned in my last post, I didn’t get accepted into the University of Tampa. So because of that and other factors going on in my life right now, I have decided to shelf this resolution and remove it from my list. There are more important things I need to focus on right now… And graduate school isn’t going anywhere. So starting next month, this resolution will no longer appear on this list.

This month has been a bad one, so I’m really hoping September turns out better!



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