It’s Been A Month!

This month has been a rough one, which led me to taking an unexpected break from blogging. I’m finally in a decent place where I can at least write about everything that happened. I won’t be able to catch up on my posts for the month and admittedly my resolutions post won’t look too great either, but I need to get back to the writing that matters to me. So here’s a brief recap of my month-

The beginning of the month started off amazing! august 3rd was my 28th birthday and I got to spend it at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. It was the best birthday and birthday weekend of my life- with a blog post on it still coming, I promise! Though by the end of the weekend I was exhausted and sore, it was an experience I will never, ever forget and my boyfriend and I are already planning to go there again- hopefully before the year is over.

But in all my excitement over being there, I let myself get very dehydrated and when we came home from the weekend, it hit me hard. So I spent the rest of that week trying to re-hydrate myself and not feel so sick and weak. Of course once I recovered from that, my body decided it had other plans for me and once again I was left feeling sick and weak, with me actually vomiting really hard one night and being in a really place the next day.

While I was trying to recover from the new thing that was making me sick, I got some really confusing and depressing news- I didn’t get accepted into the University of Tampa, which makes no sense to me whatsoever. My GPA was well above what I needed to be accepted, my letters of recommendation excellent, my personal statement was well-written and thorough and my writing sample- though it was a first draft- showed a strong concept for my piece as well as strong word choice, imagination, and a lot of creativity. So to find out I had been rejected with a generic rejection letter… well you can only imagine the emotions and thoughts going through my head. Its taken me a week to get over it, but now I’m realizing it’s their lose and not mine. They are missing out on having an excellent student and writer in their program, while I know I can and will be accepted into another graduate program. All I have are opportunities ahead of me and I intend to take as many of them as I can!

While all this was happening, there was a lot of work drama going and I got very close to quitting… But I found a way to stick with it and hopefully now that a big part of the problem has been removed, things will get better. But I am actively searching for new employment opportunities and am sending out positive thoughts that I will find a new job soon.

But thankfully with all of this going on the one thing that has remained strong is my relationship. My boyfriend Shane is the most supportive, caring,  patient, and overall most amazing man I could ever ask for. He has been my biggest supporter, fan, therapist… overall I couldn’t ask for someone better to have as my partner, and I count myself incredibly lucky to have him in my life.

So that has been my August so far! With 9 days left, I’m hoping the month can end on a positive note! I hope everyone has been having a good August!



  1. Oh, Michelle, I am so sorry to hear that you didn’t get accepted into the University of Tampa’s program. Given the vagaries of higher education, I doubt it was a reflection on the quality of your writing.

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