Writing Resolutions Progress Report #7

Sorry for the delay in this post, but due to some work issues and preparing for my trip to Harry Potter World, my week has been very out sorts! So here is the July writing resolutions progress report!

1. Keep freelancing- For the time being, I have stopped freelancing and am choosing to focus on one job.

2. Update both blogs 1x a week- I was able to put all the blog posts I wanted to this month on this blog, which is more than my usual four! However, because of putting my focus on those posts and also my work commitments, my anxiety blog hasn’t been updated in weeks. I’m disappointed in myself for that, but I guess that’s just how things happen sometimes!

3. Finish one draft of my novel- No progress has been made on this one.

4. Get accepted into grad school- I should know sometime this week whether I got accepted into Tampa University or not!

This month has been a really weird and stressful one for me, but I’m hoping to turn everything around next month!



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