Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Appreciating Year 7 At Hogwarts

I know Harry Potter has been out for over 20 years and there are countless reviews, criticisms, etc on it. But in preparation for my upcoming trip to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Orlando, I have decided to re-read the series again and post about it. I have never been to Harry Potter World and as a Harry Potter fan for over half my life, I cannot put into words how excited I am to be going! So I have decided these posts aren’t going to be book reviews, but appreciation for each book. So here is the appreciation post for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

Truthfully, I’ve been putting off posting this one because the thought of being done with these appreciation posts gave me the same sad feeling that I got when I finished the last book. I’ve really enjoyed writing these posts and looking back of my memories of Harry and the gang and what they mean to me. But as with all good things, this series has to come to an end!

The biggest thing I appreciate about this book is the adventure it takes the reader on. All the other books take place primarily at Hogwarts, but for this one we aren’t at Hogwarts until near the end. Harry is now considered an Undesirable who is wanted by the Ministry of Magic and Hermione being a Muggle-born witch would also be wanted by the Ministry. We see them go on this adventure for Horcruxes as “fugitives” on the run, visiting new and familiar locations during this adventure, and only near the end do we return to our beloved Hogwarts, which has undergone some very interesting changes since the last book.

Another thing I appreciate the most about this novel is the backstory we get. We learn more about Dumbledore and his life. We learn the truth about Snape. We learn the real reason why Aunt Petunia hates the magical world so much. And we learn about The Grey Lady and the Bloody Baron and how they died. Overall, we get a lot of backstory in this novel and for me, every bit of it was interesting.

Finally, I appreciate all the characters who died in the Battle of Hogwarts. Each one of them gave their lives for a cause they believed in and to save the world they loved from Voldermort. Each death was sad for their own reason- and I think we can all agree there are still some we’ve never recovered from. But the end result was good triumphing over evil, making the world a safer place for future generations. Overall, it was the ending the characters and the readers deserved.

I know a lot of us consider the ending to the series as an end to our childhoods and that’s definitely how it feels to me. But even with my childhood having ended with this novel, I have sill carried Harry and the gang with me all these years, and will continue to carry them with me for the rest of my life. And should I ever be lucky enough to have children of my own, I will enjoy watching the impact Harry and the gang have on their childhoods- and I’m curious to see what houses they are all sorted into!

What good memories do you have associated with The Deathly Hallows? How old were you the first time you read it? I would love to know! Thank you to everyone who has liked, commented, and read any of the posts for this series. I appreciate all of you as well!

And stayed tuned for more Harry Potter posts in the month of August after my trip to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL!


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