Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire: Appreciating Year 4 At Hogwarts

I know Harry Potter has been out for over 20 years and there are countless reviews, criticisms, etc on it. But in preparation for my upcoming trip to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Orlando, I have decided to re-read the series again and post about it. I have never been to Harry Potter World and as a Harry Potter fan for over half my life, I cannot put into words how excited I am to be going! So I have decided these posts aren’t going to be book reviews, but appreciation for each book. So here is the appreciation post for Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire!

Right from the start of this novel, we know this year is going to be much darker than previous years. And even though I enjoyed the earlier years at Hogwarts, I was excited to see what this year would bring us, and I wasn’t disappointed. I appreciate the risk J.K. Rowling took with this novel.

Many readers of Harry Potter- myself included- grew up with Harry and the gang, going through many of the situations they did. What I appreciate about this novel is the exploration of those situations. We see the golden trio experience their first crushes, first dance, jealousy and many other situations we go through as teenagers. I think this is the novel where most of us realized that even magic can’t fix every problem we have, meaning the characters are just like us- Normal teenagers trying to navigate through life changes and deal with the situations that magic can’t fix.

I also really appreciate how everything in the novel linked together in an intricate and interesting chain of events. From start to finish, every action had a link to one or several other events throughout the novel, and there wasn’t a moment when I felt bored or like something had no place.

I also appreciate the addition of events like the Quidditch World Cup, The Triwizard Cup, and the Yule Ball. Each event opened up Harry’s world a bit more to the readers, showing us some of the long standing traditions of the wizarding world. It makes the reader see that though this world is still new to Harry, who is learning something new about it every year, it is an old world filled with history and traditions that have stayed alive through generations and generations of wizards.

I could go on and on about what I appreciate this novel. From the new creatures we encounter to new characters and everything in between, there is just so much to appreciate about this novel and Harry’s ever expanding world!

What good memories do you have associated with The Goblet of Fire? How old were you the first time you read it? I would love to know! Have a great start to your week everyone!


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