Things that Have Been Inspiring Me (June)

Back in February I decided to start a new series where near the end of each month I would share some of the things that had inspired me during the month. This month has been chaotic because of moving to Florida, but there has been one thing that kept me going and inspired throughout everything! So here is my one inspiration for the month of June!


Twenty One Pilots

Because of my post earlier this month, this probably comes as no surprise to anyone! But even after the concert Twenty One Pilots has continued to inspire me and has helped me through the biggest transition of my life so far.

So a week before I moved to Florida I saw them in concert with one of my best friends Kellie. It was out last big hoorah before I moved… and though we both cried a few times throughout the concert, it was hands down the most amazing concert experience of my life. But after seeing them live and hearing Tyler talk to crowd, it resolved my belief that I’ve chosen the right path for myself. Writing is truly what I love and am passionate about.

That inspiration has carried me throughout the month. When my boyfriend and I were on our 18 hour car ride to Florida, I played Twenty One Pilots for a good chunk of the trip- yes on repeat and yes on the 3 CDs I own of theirs- and though the decision to move so far away from my friends, family, and everything I’ve ever known, I knew it was going to be OK. Even though hearing the song My Blood made me bawl like a baby while we were driving through Virginia, I knew I was making the right decision.

Why was I still sure I was making the right decision? Because if there are two things that Twenty One Pilots has taught me, one is that it’s worth it to stay alive and pursue what matters to me and the other is that life has its dark and hard moments, but there is always a hopeful undertone to it. So with those two lessons in mind, I knew this would be hard, but that it was the right path to take in the pursuit of my dreams.

So that is how Twenty One Pilots inspired me this month and will continue to inspire me for the rest of my life. If you’re interested in reading my other Twenty One Pilot related posts, I will link them down below. One is my concert post and the other is from my anxiety blog about my Twenty One Pilots tattoo.

And if anything has inspired you this month, I would leave to hear about it! I hope everyone has a great start to their July!

T∅P Concert Post:

T∅P Tattoo Post:


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