Greetings From Florida!

So for those who don’t know, I moved to Florida last week! I have officially been here a week and have made a lot of progress with unpacking and setting up our bedroom- mine and my boyfriend’s. I have my side of the closet organized, have my bookshelf assembled and decorated to the best of my ability so far. And we got a fish! She is a Koi Betta fish and we named her Sosuke! Though things are coming together, I’m still lacking the thing I need the most- a desk, which will hopefully be acquired sometime this week.

Because of preparing for the move, then the actual move itself, I am two weeks behind on blog posts! But I intend to make up for them this week. The Harry Potter reviews are still coming with the first one being one of the posts this week, so keep watch for that!

But so far so good. I am missing my friends and family a little bit and I’m still getting used to the heat, but I’m happy I made this move. I know as time goes by, it will get even better and a bit easier to miss everyone. I hope everyone has been having a good week so far!



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