Writing Resolutions Progress Report #5


1. Keep freelancing- I’m still working for the two employers I’ve had since December. In fact, I’ve taken on a lot more responsibility with the agency I’m working for, and it’s going so well that I’ve been asked to head up a project for one of our clients! I handed in my first article to the client yesterday and it was well received, so I’m off to a good start with that. Unfortunately the two potential long-term jobs fell through, but I have two more potential long-term jobs right now. Hopefully those last! And I also took on a few smaller jobs that were quite easy.  So my freelancing has been going really well!

2. Update both blogs 1x a week- I missed a post for this blog this month, but made up for it. Even though I’ve had this happen a few times, I’m proud of myself for always making up the post I missed! So this resolution is continuing to go well.

3. Finish one draft of my novel- So I changed my mind about which novel idea I want to submit for the University of Tampa. For this new one I have only written a new prologue. Since there are two different versions of how this novel starts, I’m trying to figure out which version to go with. They are very similar, so maybe I can just meld them together. Either way, actual writing hasn’t gotten very far, but the ideas are starting to form better!

4. Get accepted into grad school- I am still putting together my application for the University of Tampa. I’m having some trouble acquiring some of the things I need to complete it. So once I have those and have this application sent off, I will resume my search of other graduate schools!

Now I know I said my new resolution was going to be reading through my to-read books. But the reality is with my upcoming move to Florida, I’m only taking the things I know I absolutely need or want. So any books I take with me- my Harry Potter books for example- are books I already know I love and want to keep. So I have decided to knock my resolutions down from five to four.

Progress has been made on each resolution, with some definitely farther along than others. Let’s see how far I get in the month of June! Have a good weekend everyone!




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