Things that Have Been Inspiring Me (May)

Back in February I decided to start a new series where near the end of each month I would share some of the things that had inspired me during the month. Admittedly this month was a little shaky on inspiration as I’ve been living in a constant state of anxiety and stress. But Ive managed to come up with two things that have inspired me during the month of May!



Admittedly, my upcoming move to Florida has been a constant source of both stress and inspiration. Moving across multiple states and only taking the absolute necessities and wants for the time being has been a bit difficult. Though I have most of my packing done, it feels harder now then it did in the beginning! But despite being a constant stress, it’s also inspiring me in multiple ways. With moving to a new state comes new opportunities. It gives me a chance to start off with a clean slate, have new adventures, and a lot more! So though this has been stressful, I’m also very excited to move to a new state!


Home Design

Lately I’ve been a lot more into playing home design games and watching home design videos. Mainly because I’m looking for inspiration for when I move next month! Though I have ideas for how I want the bedroom to look- and I’m already planning my future office- I wanted to get a better idea of my style and tastes in decor, wall color, furniture type, etc. With this newfound knowledge and inspiration, I can’t wait to start decorating my new place- with the help of my boyfriend of course, which thankfully we have similar tastes!

So those are my two inspirations for the month! I’ll be interested to see what inspires me next month when I move to Florida! Have a good weekend everyone!


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