Second Writing Burn Out of 2019

Well the title says it all- I’m burnt out on writing again. And I know why.

Within the last week- week and a half, I have taken on a lot more responsibility at my primary freelance writing job. With the person I report to taking some steps back, I seem to be the person everyone is coming to for content, with questions, and I even trained our newest content writer last week. I’m getting admin status and am considered a core part of the team now. While all of this is great because it means more hours for me and will look good on my resume should I ever choose to move from this job… It also means I’m spending a lot more time writing and editing content than I have before and its burnt me out big time.

I’m doing all this while working with my other freelance clients and even took on a new client that is paying me a nice amount of money per hour… and I haven’t been able to devote the time I would like to that job due to my new responsibilities with my primary job. I know I’m probably stretching myself thin with everything I’m taking on, but because I’ve chosen to commit myself to freelancing and writing in general, stopping really isn’t an option for me.

So instead, adding to my already depressed mental state, I’m overwhelmed and burnt out doing the thing that I’ve dedicated myself to… All while dealing with a hold bunch of other issues out of my control and that I don’t want to go into detail on. Let’s just say coming back from Florida, even for a short amount, feels like a mistake. At least when I felt burnt out there I could go to the beach and stare at the ocean until I felt better. I can’t do that where I am now… All I can do is stare at the four walls of my room and count down the days until I go back to Florida.

Even writing this doesn’t bring me joy or feel right. I feel like this will come across as me complaining. I feel like people will find me to be ungrateful for the opportunities I’m getting and find me undeserving of future ones. Trust me, I’m grateful for every opportunity I have and for all the ones I’ve been given and will be given in the future. I burnt myself out taking on too much. That’s the problem. That balance I keep saying I need to find I can’t find… and I know if I don’t find it soon that things will end up going down a dark path for me. So this isn’t me complaining- It’s me reaching out for someone, anyone to give me advice on what to do and how to handle these new and old responsibilities without losing my mind.

So any advice would be appreciated. Book declutter post to be posted sometime between Thursday and Saturday. Have a great day everyone.


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